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We must reclaim reality if not reality will reclaim us.

In a profound and globally interconnected world all our actions and in-actions matter. Nothing on this planet happens in a bubble.

Honesty is truth and the truth sets us free.

To be honest, everything you do directly affects everyone around you and everyone on the planet; and not just what you do, but also what you think, say, feel and believe.

We must all become completely responsible for ourselves and the global society we live in, and especially for all the problems that our global society has created and perpetuated. We don’t solve the problems of the world by blaming others, punishing them or shifting responsibility on to them or others who appear to be in charge, including governments, countries, religions, political systems, economic systems or anything else.

Perhaps with the Corona Virus, we are just beginning to learn this long and hard lesson.

What does it take to be honest?

To be free from deceit.

William Shakespeare ” No legacy is so rich as honesty”

Although often invoked, the concept of honesty is quite tricky to characterize in a world that is driven by inequality, inflicted by false news-Social media, plundered by unregulated profit-seeking algorithms, torn apart by wars, facing mass climate immigration, undermined by world institutions that are out of date.

George Grant, the Canadian philosopher, said ” “values language is an obscuring language for morality, used when the idea of purpose has been destroyed.”

The German philosopher Nietzsche saw all this last century but in all disciplines and at all levels (judges in law, ethics professors in medicine, university professors in a host of disciplines, politicians in all parties and, alas, religious leaders in all traditions) have not realized this point and continue to speak about “values” when they often seem to be discussing something they believe is true.

What is interesting is, these things are not simply, “you have yours, I have mine.” They are not values. They are a world away from “values.” We cannot say, “you have your courage and I have mine.”

I say we “cannot have a meaningful notion of “tolerance” “respect” or “dignity” or “honesty” based on an incoherent base of “values.”

That is why we no longer have any confidence that there are any shared purposes for human life.

spiritual materialism

To tell the truth is one thing, but the whole truth requires far more detail and doesn’t allow for the omission of anything, including the thought process associated with action or conclusion.

Despite its centrality in ordinary life as well as ethics and philosophy of psychology, honesty is not a major trend of research in the contemporary philosophical debate.

We have become so complacent that the conduct of elected governments is questionable.

Telling the truth — the whole truth — is, at times, practically and theoretically impossible as well as morally not required or even wrong.


Hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty are character traits so deeply embedded in our Political worlds that we no longer even take notice.

But honesty means more than not lying it is the language of values.

Integrity, Honour, Virtue, Morality, Fidelity, Probity, Rectitude, Veracity, Faithfulness, Truthfulness, Trustworthiness, Straightness, Incorruptibility, Scrupulousness, Uprighttness, Reputability, Plain speaking, Frankness.

It is not “imposing values” but “teaching in truth”

These day’s honesty is on an entirely different level.

As we have seen with Julian Assange revealing what is actually happening can be less than ideal to the ego-mind.

If honesty is not telling the whole truth, what is it?

That is indeed a major question, who in this world of false news is to say which particulars are relevant?

What we need is a TRANSPARENT society, where all the values and virtues of democracy and the free market are really at the service of all of us.

This is what democracy is supposed to be.

But this concept is so far from reality, even in the perceptions of the people in the most consolidated political democracies, that we really need to question what is wrong with our society.

Not just changing this single moment in time but rather gifting all future generations to come.

We Are Living in “The Time of Great Awakening!”

What will our descendants in 200 years say about us?

That our lives were terrible because our cars could not fly, our computers had no protobio-chips and so could not think like humans, our planes could not fly around the planet in 30 minutes?

I think not.

The honest truth is that it is too complicated.

All the virtues are shared as objectively true but they are personal in how they apply to us as persons.

Does it even make sense to say that most of us are not honest and also not dishonest?

We assume, that most of us go through our day with the best intention of being truthful. All our conduct, in a sense, hinges on justice, wisdom/prudence, temperance/moderation, and courage/fortitude.

Only those who can face themselves, in all their own peculiarity, seem to be capable of developing persona that is true to the self — hence, authentic if not honest.

It appears that much of our learning and education is to learn what the word means.

It is not simply or at all a question of “you have yours, I have mine”?

The day we will be able to push our evolution towards a point to achieve these goals, these values, that day and only that day, we can ask ourselves again:  “Is our world we live in really better?”

To be honest, as this world goes its one truth at a time at the point of a gun that

makes honesty into a disposition?

Consequently, we cannot order any human action towards an end, because all means are related to ends.

Is honesty genetic?

Honesty comes with a different lens, and it has a knack of revealing certain truths and they come with different levels of discomfort attached to them. So there comes a point at which honesty becomes something else.

That something else is survival.

The kind of world we are living in, there are economic/social benefits of dishonesty. Given this, and the concept of natural selection, will the truth gene(s), gradually become extinct?

It may take years of science to discover.

As the man-made “lie-gene” is still blessed by every government in every nation.


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Our egos are the parts of our identities created by external influences to boost their own sense of self.


posting about it all over social media. which closes us off from the world  

It’s pandering to a market the world seems to want right now. 

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An honest action is that with no intent of harm.

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There are a few ways to tell if you’ve fallen victim to this superficial, materialistic spirituality. We’re told we need stuff in order to be the best, but no one tells us there is no best.