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The consequences of which were passed from generation to generation making our brains the single biggest threat to the planet.

There is a multitude of reasons why people are so stupid.

If human and chimp DNA is 98.8 per cent the same we as a species with 1.2% differences are our own benchmark for how intelligent we can be which is restrained by our relative inability to perceive the natural world.

The sciences of genetics and archaeology are not able to show how our ancestors transitioned from animal self-interest to human as there are no skeletons to probe for DNA. If evolution’s real, how come no one has ever found any transitional forms between bananas and monkeys.

In the absence of evidence, our images of Adam and Eve are left to the imagination of artists. While western imagery is dominant in depicting Adam and Eve in other parts of the world they could like God be Black, Arab, or Hispanic.

We were stupid a long time ago, we are still stupid, and yet we continue to reproduce enormously successfully. Stupidity may, in fact, help our ability to reproduce quite a bit.

None of us would put up with each other for a moment if it weren’t for the saving graces of stupidity and bonding. Perhaps it is this lack of intelligence that has led us to the most idiotic example of our stupidity – Self-inflicted extinction with climate change.

I’ve spent my whole life assuming we were getting smarter and we’d become a rational species before we made ourselves extinct.

Up until a century ago, the world was safe because there wasn’t enough of us, and the Earth’s carrying capacity could absorb our endless acts of stupidity.

The once-mighty homo sapiens might well end up back in the cave where he once resided. After all, the human mind is perfectly flawed we don’t even know if our logic is even logical.

I hope I am proven wrong. We should be much better than our collective self.

By now the majority of us should know that the byproducts of billions of human lives are overwhelming the ecosystem.

Rising CO2 levels is just one of many indicators that we are self-destructing.

The environment is falling apart right before our very eyes, but we can not add 2 + 2 together to see that our lifestyles have to change drastically — yesterday. Not just yesterday, more like 20 years ago.

We might have some grasp of the environmental catastrophe now in progress, but we really like lovely looking perfect grass, so we fertilize and poison our plot of land, and it looks great.

Unfortunately, 100 million other people do the same thing and the results are a catastrophe for the water table and for insect populations.

But hey, our lawn looks great. It’s just this one lawn after all…

Many among us can’t get over their tribal instincts. It’s pretty obvious that’s there is an unresolvable conflict between democracy and theocracy. As long as billions are oppressed by political and social injustice then we haven’t developed a practical political system to support humans on Earth.

Technology is increasing equality sharply.

Drug-resistant diseases are on the rise, and the global spread of dangerous diseases because of transportation and warming climates indicate the revenge of mother nature is near.

More recently, we thought we could save ourselves, especially with science and technology.   However, most people live with their heads in the sand, cramming their minds with useless knowledge while ignoring all the dying canaries falling from the sky.

I firmly believe we know enough to solve our problems, I just doubt we have the collective will to work together to get the job done.

We have to figure out how the fuck to get along with each other, so we invent laws, and philosophy, and literature, and justice, and commerce and a whole bunch of other stuff.

We do all this smart shit to survive, not because God loves smart shit.

We think we rule the earth because we are smart.

We do not rule the earth, and evolution does not select for smartness, it selects for survival. Cockroaches rule the earth and they are smart enough not to think it’s because they have big brains.

Your social brain, on the other hand, relies on other people instead of reality, which inclines your Social Brain to dramatic outbursts of complete fucking idiocy.

We expect better from ourselves – but that’s only because we’re stupid.

Furthermore, your brain will know the one thing it’s been longing to know all the time, which is what it’s supposed to do about this insanity, this stupidity.

Which is acknowledge it, name it, identify it, and oppose it – no wonder why the fuck it’s there. But at the end of the day, because we only have ourselves to compare to as of yet, we don’t really have an answer.

One can only hope that we have only just begun to crack the depths of knowledge and that there is an endless trove waiting for future generations.

We can now create worlds within our own to interact with and to manage and design intelligently.

So what!

We’ve been creating simulations in our minds since the dawn of man. Thought operates by breaking reality up into conceptual objects, and our creativity operates by rearranging the conceptual objects in our minds.

These mental simulations form the essence of human brilliance. However, the very same process of conceptual division which makes us brilliant also makes us insane.

We ignore the threat of climate change because we are living in a wishful thinking dream world that seems best described as a form of mental illness.

We have lost our common sense and replaced it with stupidity. Knowing the truth, seeing the truth but believing in lies. 

Is stupid only a result or a player?

Genes inherited from Adam and Eve are perhaps a virus which is now being spread by the Smartphone, Google, Artifical Intelligence, Brazil’s Bolsonaro and Donal Trump. The virus may cause changes in the way genes to manifest in portions of the brain in charge of memory and some of the other higher functions of the brain.

The Idiot Box makes sure its a player.

Adam and Eve might have started out ignorant, as thick as the wall, not stupid, they were made stupid by education.

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