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Against the background of a doubling of the world population every thirty-odd years, it’s no wonder that we find ourselves facing intractable problems and we need to do something about them.    

The Covid-19 pandemic so far has only killed a mear 800,000 while ongoing wars over 100 million in the 20th century.

We now live in a world of lip service, (used by silent data collection – profit-seeking – algorithms that could not give a shit), are run by corporations, the manipulators of the need-to-do, in order to promote consumption, whatever the cost, long term, or short term. 

The recycling of plastic alone is an example. We are told that we need to recycle plastic by companies that continue to produce it in the trillions of tons.  

I am not sure about you, but I am a little ashamed to be human right now.


Because none of our world organizations, governments, the current crop of leaders have at their core a true understanding that we all live and rely upon the planet to be able to kill each other, love each other, and propagate more of us. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic shining a light onto societal and economic systems all across the world, exposing the flaws of a capitalist society we are still driven by greed, religious beliefs, social media, advertising. 

The pandemic-induced health crisis has rapidly ignited an economic crisis with yet unknown consequences for financial stability, and all is being played out against the backdrop of a climate crisis that cannot be addressed by “business as usual.

We are now facing problems all of which have to be resolved at the same time, otherwise, we will simply be solving problems in one place while creating new ones elsewhere.

So golly gosh the COVID-19 crisis is exacerbating all these problems and what are we doing about it other than convene world leaders in a virtual format to seek action and solutions for a world in crisis. (The united nations on the 17 Sep- 5 Oct) 

You can rest assured what we will witness as we did with the Paris climate change is countries promising virtual undertakings, with no means of enforcement, or transparency.   

Some years ago 150 countries set a list of goals to be achieved by 2020 to improve the world’s biodiversity, not one was achieved and humanity is now at a crossroads. 


Because countries will virtually promise whatever when it does not cost them arm and a leg. Virtual multilateralism is a joke in the extreme when we need value creation instead of value extraction when the pillars of our world are being shaken to the core.

The COVID -19 will cost trillions while reversing climate change will save trillions.

We all know that we need to grasp the opportunity to fix the system. If we don’t, we will stand no chance against – an increasingly uninhabitable planet – and all the smaller crises that will come with it in the years and decades ahead.

It’s used to be challenging and difficult to make predictions especially about the future now its child play  —  BLEAK 

What can we the people of the world do?

We are incapable of acting as one for obvious reasons, but every one of us needs a habitable planet. We could weaponize our buying power to accelerate actions on biodiversity for sustainable development. 

By doing so the world of profit would change. 

What can countries do? 

To realize that we are not as unique as a species and that the risk extinction has never been greater.  Stop god wobbling as there has been nothing like what we are now looking at in human history. 

Don’t trade with countries that breach environmental sustainability.

The like hood of either of the above happening is zilch.     

So the world of profit has to be taped into, in order to reboot the numerous we need to do.

(See the previous posts on a World Aid Commission of 0.05%)

We need to rise up and speak up!

So all I’m saying is that communication needs to start now not tomorrow. 

Transparency needs to start now not tomorrow.

Yes we are all different and what we do with our differences needs to make a difference.

All human comments appreciated. All like clicks and abuse chucked in the bin.