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Giving the state of current world affairs which feels like the entire world is being pushed off a cliff you could not be blamed for struggling to be optimistic about what the future holds.

Its a worrying time and one would have to ask where is all of this going.

You don’t need to be either a genius or an idiot to see that we are at a turning point.  

The pandemic has and is exposing that there is a complete lack of any global plan of action either to fight COVID-19 or the coming economic disaster that is going to take more lives.

It is obvious that we are entering an era of global debt/defaults/nationalism/and a transfer to technology.

When one looks at the US that is trying to undermine the WHO, wreck Climate change, and put a spanner in the works of EU, and other world trade agreements it is obvious that it has only an interest in putting America first, which it has achieved with the number of dead and sick people in the world from COVID -19.

There is an itinerant contradiction between nationalism and globalism between loyalty to your nation and global solidarity.

It is now paying the price when there is really no contradiction when it comes to a global pandemic. If a vaccine was discovered outside the USA they are not going to say no we won’t use it till there is an American vaccine.

Perhaps it’s a good thing that it is no longer leading the world but here is nobody to fill the vacuum.

We can’t deal with either the pandemic or climate change without a 100% cooperation.

Both emphasize that humans are flawed beings, maybe not quite yet bonkers but not far off it.  

The world is full of them and they come in many shapes, forms, and types but the current level of stupidity cannot go unnoticed. Climate Change, the COVID-19 pandemic, the ongoing wars, and conflicts, the biasing filtering racism, the distribution, and attachment of wealth, our tolerance to the spread of false news, you name it and some idiot will believe it.

Look at history and it is clear that this has always been the case.

We are all idiots, it’s just a matter if how you handle your stupidity that determines whether you are a dumbass or just a plain moron.

To achieve any kind of sanity or serenity we must weed out the idiots.  

But how?

The mark of an unintelligent person is that he doesn’t see the difference between his knowledge and his opinions and thinks that all of his beliefs qualify as absolute knowledge. Furthermore, an unintelligent person sticks to his opinions as knowledge even when new knowledge completely contradicts them. 

Intelligence is the basic ingredient that helps a human being experience unintelligent.

Perhaps this is why we refer to Artificial Intelligence as artificial.

Our social development, schooling, gender acquisition, peer group interaction, and parental and sibling interactions have an enormous impact on shaping how we respond to social stimuli.

“Seeing is believing and you are who you meet.” 

One only has to look at what is supposed to be an intelligent individual walking around in the middle of a killer pandemic without masks. They are also idiots, without even realizing it themselves. They chose to put themselves only first above everything or everybody else.

Why do they do it is ostensibly hard to fathom.

Why do we need intelligence in the first place?

To understand ourselves and other people regardless of race, sexuality, culture, nationality, or religion, and whether we relate to each other as individuals, couples, families, tribesmen, or citizens, so we can live peacefully and harmoniously together.

To understand the hopes and desires that unite us as human beings so that we can govern the world with fairer rules and laws that make us more equal and that we can join forces in initiatives that benefit all of us. This elimination of artificial scarcity and inequality through understanding and cooperation means that we don’t have to dominate, fight, or kill each other to better our lives.

To understand that protecting and revitalizing the delicate ecosystems that make the planet livable for humans and all other living creatures and plants. Use Earth’s resources to make advanced tools and machinery with which to produce and refine foods, medicines, energy sources, housing, infrastructure, sanitation services, and many other useful things.

We all rely on both knowledge and opinions to make decisions in daily life, but the mark of an intelligent person is that he will try to gain as much knowledge as possible about the subject that interests him so that he doesn’t have to rely too heavily on opinions when making decisions.

The patterns that we participate in and that surround us daily shape our perceptions of what behavior, language, and mannerisms are “normal and natural.”

As you can tell, we are still very far from having solved all of these issues, so there is plenty to do for intelligent people.

Ignorance causes the spread of the virus. One only has to look at absurdity for not wearing a mask.

These idiots defy the level of stupidity and are usually the ones who end up crying for help, sick, or dead. If the virus continues to spread without decline, these are the ones who need to be held accountable.

The worst reason for being an idiot is just plain ignorance, and for that, there is no cure.

We all in this together, which the advertising industry has long recognized piggybacking on everything from fear to everyone an idiot except Donal Trump.

In him, one can see Anger and Hate, Riots, and Climate Murder, Pseudo-Activism, and Genuine empowerment, Solidarity, and Division.

One of the challenges with uncertainty is it reminds us of things that are out of our control.

All human comments appreciated. All like clicks and abuse chucked in the bin.