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First, let me state the obvious.

The Covid-19 doesn’t just call our bluff it is questing the way we allow our society to be run. 

It is bringing into sharp relief what some of us have always known to be true. Our current way of living must end.

Capitalism and the culture of hierarchy that props it up is now extremely screwed up. 

The story of Capitalism up to now has been selling your labour so you don’t end up on the streets.

We should not behave to exist this way.

We come into this world kicking and screaming for our own needs while our birth’s, and our eventual departure’s, have all been turned into a product by capitalism to generate profit. We leave silent.

We live in a world where nearly everything has some kind of cost and the increased workforce automation is suggesting that things will keep getting worse.

What is considered valuable by man or the people of this world are of little or no value when one is confronted by a virus (which unfortunately some of us are witnessing this very minute) that does not discriminate any grounds.  

Money, wealth, riches, gold, property, power and so on are either transitory, fading or can be destroyed in the blink of an eye and are of no value in the long term.

In the past few years, the money markets have fallen in a heap with the global financial crisis and the value of money becoming very shaky. The same can be said of shares, property and other investments. And this is nothing new for the economic cycle goes through boom and bust every seven to ten years making fortunes at one time and destroying them at other times.

However, men believe that wealth gives you the power to be able to rise above the problems and issues of the world.

How wrong he is.

The coronavirus is not the only virus we have to confront we also have to confront capitalism and the world that sustains it.

Climate Change was not enough to make the world pause.

The challenge man faces is that we think only of the here and now.

We now have a moment to consider what a rapid response to the climate emergency would look like – how we build a society that completely transforms our social order towards something that is in equilibrium with the biosphere and gives to each according to their needs.  

But will more sustainable capitalism emerge from Covid-19 highly unlikely as the protection of private interest over public interest remains the same?  

What the coronavirus has and is showing is that our cheapskate governments can provide far more in social programmes than they have. 

While none of us can predict the future let’s hope that this time the penny drops. 

The risks of Covid – 19 are now but the risks of climate change with the clock ticking needs us to wake up before the alarm goes off. 

It’s not science, not protest, that will save the planet. Science alerted us to global warming but understand the nature of the world is crucial to dealing with it. 

Everything has a function and our function is to fit into our world and not divorce ourselves from nature.

With the age of technology and its Algorithms working themselves into everything relentless, enabling profits to disappear far from the trickle-down effect the coronavirus is revealing heroes and villains across the world.

The markets might be paralysed with numerous industries entering a state of suspended animation the environment is getting a recovery period.

Covid -19  is showing us that on the horizon, capitalism in its current form threatens value. It is built on the premise of instant gratification.

Many businesses today are aware of this failing in mankind and play to it to great effect encouraging us to insure ourselves against the cost of living and dying but we are now trading for time and for eternity.

The corona-virus is certainly a much greater reward than the fleeting pleasures of this life.

The new WFH world that emerges from this will be intriguing – Universal Basic Income.

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