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Don’t answer the questions below, put some thought into their overall meaning.


We, as humans, ponder about the life around us everything in life contradict itself to the point of confusing all of us?

What we call the modern world has brought its own unique set of problems: from the Coronavirus, huge food waste to climate change to an increasing wealth divide. 

The western belief in ‘progress’, that each generation will be an improvement on its predecessor, for a long time has held true.

However, it seems this might no longer be the case as life at the moment isn’t about finding the answers, it’s about examining our atmosphere. From the nature of the universe (that’s if there is only one) to the purpose of dreams, there are lots of things we still don’t know – but we might do soon.

Leaving the usual unanswerable’s aside, like what is reality, what is life, do we have free will, is the universe deterministic, what is consciousness, will there ever be a theory of everything, what happens after you die, what comes after homo sapiens? the two most common questions at the moment on our lips – Are you alright? How are you? 

Old solutions to solve to run an increasingly chaotic world requires governing elites to spend a lot of time spinning and inevitably tempts them into keeping lots and lots of secrets, to include telling the public exactly what they’re doing.

Even post-Snowden, is an increasingly secretive and intrusive national security state the “new normal”?

The timing is fortuitous because I’m pondering a number of big questions these days and I’ll be interested to see not what some of the nation’s best scholars think about them but you. 

So for what they may be worth, here are my top 10 Why Questions, with plenty of blame to share on all.

There’s a pattern of contradiction in most of them that lead to a series of more ‘why’.

Once there is danger, there is hope; when there’s truth, there are lies.

Why am I asking these question?

Because we all have to, not someone to get serious about real the state of the planet we all live on. 

Do we really value life so much if we make death come to others?

Why is there school when we don’t learn real-world skills?

Why do I have to get up every morning to go to work?

Should the wealth of Economies give us all a Basic Income? 

Why do we demean everything not human if it’s what brought us life?

Taking the coronavirus and climate change are we better together or in isolation?

Will Europe ever get its act together?

If opposites attract, then why is there still war?

Why Bush is president of US?

What is the reality of immigration?

What is a world without Earth?

Go through life knowing that your world could mould into a piece of grey dust at any point; an experience that dust at your high to prepare for your fault, your decline because it will come to snap at you.

All human comments appreciated. All like clicks and abuse chucked in the bin.








Is it true?






It’s time to look at the evidence.