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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) from a lay man’s point of view.

When the facts are clear our choices become obvious.

1) What is it?

2) Origin?

3) Transmission?

4) What is does?

5) What can we do?

6) What can we expect?

I) A virus something you can see made of genetic materials called DNA and RNA which is protected by a protein shell that is made of proteins. A virus has no cells, no metabolism, no cell respiration, it does not growth or development, it has no life span, it depends on the host cells to reproduce, it is inert.

So it can sit on a surface till it finds a living cell to attach to in order to inject its DNA.

Its not a life form that actively searches for its victims.

It looks like the above.

The little spikes are the receptors protein that hijacks our DNA cells.

When they do our body defence’s go into overdrive, temperature skyrockets, resulting in fever, dry coughing, shortness of breath, ect. The spikes are the enemy, if they’re not there or they are damaged they cannot penetrate the cell.

2) We don’t know for sure where it has come from.

The media says everything from bats, to military labs,  to Aliens.

Let’s worry about that when we know how to stop it killing.

Its original name came from China Wuhan Virus. Unfortunately, this naming business if dangerous as it stigmatized what it is associated with.

Its scientific name is Sars-CoV2 creating a condition called COVID-19.

( Co – is Corona. VI – is a virus. D- disease. 19 – the year it was Id)

It is not the Flu which has to be on earth for over two thousand years.

3) Physical Contact.

Airborne droplets up to three hours or surface droplets up to two or three days.

4) Antibiotics do not work against the infection as the virus is not bacteria.

5) Wash your hands.

Try not to touch surfaces that have not been uncontaminated. If you do wash your hands every time it is a discipline.

Social distancing, not social isolation is a must.

Cough or sneeze into a tissue.

Good sleep, Exercise, Stress out, all help your immune system.

And Mushrooms. Reishi mushrooms directly bind to the virus. However, be careful of what you do with mushrooms. 

6)  It depends upon our response- Individually and collectively. 

Discounting is a no-no. We have passed the window of containment. 

There is no option but to chill and try to mitigate the spread as we don’t know if the coronavirus has any pattern, it is up to us to mould the way that is unfolding in our communities.

A new normal is on the horizon. Economics must be about people and not profit.

Stay safe.  Hope this post contains some helpful information.  

All comments appreciated. All like clicks and abuse chucked in the bin.