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( TWO MINUTE READ)   That is that the world is unable to react quickly enough to a disaster and a plaster here or there will not work.  Disaster after Disaster, we see the same thing. You would think by now we watch Governments scrambling to obtain supplies and the United Nations begging for Funds that we would have learned the lesson. Preparation. The solution is obvious – AVOID THE SUPPLY CHAIN.  What is needed are fully Supply Depots, properly quipped to effect distribute, positioned around the Globe. The world population is 8 billion out of which 2/3rd according to the United Nations will be are living in cities by 2050. To date, there are 33 urban centres with populations of more than 10 million people. In North America, 82 per cent of people were found to live in cities, compared to 74 per cent in Europe. In Asia, around 50 per cent of people were based in metropolitan areas, while Africa was thought to be the least urban-populated continent with only 43 per cent of its population situated in cities. So if you allowed one depot for every 250,000, these cities alone would require 40, and with a rough estimate, on the same premise, the rest of the world would require a further 25,000. All under the jurisdiction of the United Nations should be given the same status as Embassy in order to deter abuse for any political agenda.   This would create for lack of a better word a network of self financing aid ground satellite.. How would they be paid for and supplied? The cost could be spread fairly by applying a 0.05% aid commission on all world activities that are for-profit for profit sake. For example:  High-Frequency Trading, Sovereign Wealth funds acquisitions, Lotto’s, Gambling, all foreign exchange transactions over 50,000$. This would create a perpetual fund of billions. It is obvious that the world economies are going to need a massive stimulus when this Pandemic is over. What a better way to it than Preparation for the next one. ANYONE THAT HAS A BETTER IDEA FEEL FREE TO COMMENT. All human comments appreciated. All like clicks and abuse chucked in the bin.