(Two-minute read) 

I feel guilty writing this open letter for a variety of reasons.

Like many non-Russians, my knowledge of Russian history is tainted by Doctor  Zhivago a novel that was immensely popular in the West, the book was banned in the Soviet Union for decades. 

Russia in 1957, had evil soul-less monsters, (who have never read Tolstoy or Pushkin), they play chess, they drink vodka, they had spies and counter-spies to match the West.

We all know now that Russia is the home of Stalin, one of the most murderous totalitarian leaders in history, and it may be true that there may have been upwards of 40,000 SMERSH anti-spy agents killing people both within and without the former Soviet Union, consistent with Stalin’s scorched earth approach to governing resistance, but make no mistake about it you MR PUTIN now you every opportunity to surpass him.

It’s no wonder with total and reckless and disregard for your own people’s safety, (you being so ‘tarnished with years of treachery and ruthlessness and fear that it has led to the amazing stupidity of your supposed mastermind invasion of Ukraine. 

To destroy what was once a part of Russia just because of its expectations of joining Nato or the European Union is driven by an absolute unquestionable hatred for the communists or a more subtle British private school disdain for the people of the continent.

It is a sacrilege to destroy people’s lives whether they are Ukrainian or Russian born. 

If you don’t come to your senses there isn’t going to be any self-reflection of post-modern hand wringing before Russia starts disintegrating in your hands. 

It’s time to recognize that we humans are all the same.  

In the end, my dear Russian people your supposedly ice-cold leader displays by falling for every lure of Russia’s past history is not-worthy of any glory. 

Killing Ukrians will not embarrass all Americans and English intelligence or lure Europe into a “killing bottle.

Go home and Live and Let Die.



All human comments are appreciated. All like clicks and abuse chucked in the bin.