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With the current pandemic and economic depression, algorithmic entanglement will stratify the populations of countries with barely a question asked.

Now is the time to challenge and examine their underpinnings, by introducing a software program to examine every algorithm in order to establish whether it is a friend or foe. They must be audited yearly to log and access the contents of their programs, and to be issued with health certificates.

Are AI Algorithms Dangerous

It is not possible to go back to test or analyze why decisions are made by algorithms. 

They are learning from the environment surrounding them and once they learn we have no way of knowing to any degree – what rules and parameters they are following at which point we have no way of controlling them or knowing how they react with other algorithms.

You only have to look at the stock exchanges, where they are already trying to outwit search other.

So you can be certain that there is going to be a stock exchange crash not caused by the Economic Depression but rather algorithmic greed for profit.  

At the moment it seems that while they are out of sight they are out of mind.

But as we are going to see with any covid-19 vaccine and its distribution, algorithms will create their own rules and inevitably polarize society as a whole.

Where the decision is taken by an algorithm (as to who gets vaccinated or how safe it is when the algorithm could be hacked.) is at stake. Apportioning responsibility to any particular segment of code will be almost impossible. 

Because they have no knowledge of what they are even being judged on, they will look for supremacy over each other. 

Neither the companies using them nor the people making them take responsibility for how they can wreck lives and reinforce stereotypes.

The people making the algorithms don’t take responsibility for users of their code and the people using algorithms place responsibility on the creators.

Self – regulation is no longer viable because the larger the environment into which they are embedding themselves, the more unpredictable they will become. 

Indeed software engineers will soon be extinct.

America’s 45th president likes to tweet.

He does this because he sees it as a way to bypass the ‘dishonest media’. Regardless of how you may want the world to be, the learnings from bulk text feeds are as close as we can really get to how the world actually is.

We must open our eyes to the power of algorithms and how dangerous they can be when unchecked.

These issues are not strange. The software can play you for a fool, but we’re still in the early stages however, they are as of now present in our lives making idiotic shopping recommendations, misclassifying pictures, and doing other senseless things.

History is not a predictor of the future – but knowledge can be – we can’t rely solely on mining historic data to draw conclusions; we need to incorporate expert knowledge.

We are Tick Tocking and Clicking our way to no return.  

All human comments appreciated. All like clicks and abuse chucked in the bin.