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You don’t have to belive but it helps for something to be true.

Our modern society often seems geared towards quick fixes, superficial relationships, material things.

We are bombarded with advertising and social media images but below this superficial level of experience, there are deeper truths.

The problem of determining the truth in current events (and in other areas) when we’re faced with conflicting views from thousands of media and Internet sources seems insurmountable. Does this make sense? Is it likely?

While accepting that no one is going to get everything right all the time without the truth aiming for equality is a recipe for disappointment.

So we enter into our search for truth by asking these vital questions:

Is truth the property of verbal and written language, or is it now visual and as such by-passes the chaotic problem of human perception and interpretation?

Or is truth assumed to exist in an abstract realm of correctly conceived ideas? 

Or is the truth the true knowledge of things as they are now, as they have been in the past, and as they will be in the future?

What does it mean to know the truth? 

The most valuable asset you can have is trusting but to have trust it must be true?

Pragmatic proofs are paraded daily on TV and Social media which are both promoted by unregulated platforms with unchallenged Fake News making convincing claims to “knowing.” 

Truth used to be conceived as a property of accurately stated words or accurately conceived ideas that correctly characterize world realities like the Corna virus outbreak that might turn out to be the modern-day catalyst to defining the truth.

Let’s start with death as it has a way of concreating the mind.

It is undeniable or is it.

We can’t know anything for certain, so the truth is in need of a God.

Without the Ressurection, Christianity would not exist.

We can’t imagine X being simultaneously true and false in the same manner. Another word if something is true, it’s not simultaneously false in the same way. 

How to “prove” it.

All truth is empirically or scientifically testable.

There are no eyewitnesses who watched Big Bang so the assumption that something came from nothing is propositional truth. It has been the big question facing humanity since mankind crawled from the primordial ooze – where did the universe come from?

If we consider the hypothetical proposition of the impact of finding life on another planet or it arriving on this planet it will not prove anyone theological system right or wrong, so our confused view of what is true will remain.  

For an example of this is.

If by deduction reasoning, verified against observed facts penguins exist.

But put another way, the claim “penguins exist” is itself a penguin.

That said if someone just refuses to acknowledge logic, it ends all rational discourse. You can’t logically prove anything to someone who denies logic.

So deduction depends upon the nature of assumptions.

These assumptions are not applicable universally because the premises from which they are deduced may not hold good at all time and places.  

There is a part of the world that we can’t see. 

Quantium Maths is a realm of reality that doesn’t consist of material things but of non-material forms. Quantum physics brings us a new kind of reality, provides us with direct suggestions of how we can live in accordance with the numinous realm of the universe.

But the meaning and purpose of our nature are anchored in the numinous realm of reality, not virtual reality. We usually take our thinking for granted, and the thoughts in our mind tell us a lot of things, but they say nothing about where they are coming from!

The word, “consciousness” derives from the Latin, “con” and “sciencia”, and it means a state of “knowing together” what is true and not true.

There is no plural form because there is only one consciousness.

Our concepts of truth evolve in the same way in which our bodies evolve.

For some reason, in our history, worldviews have always been accompanied by threats.

We believe that the evolution of concepts and their understanding is the true function of biological evolution. It is impossible to know, whether we are evolving with the cosmic mind, or whether it is merely our mind that has to evolve to a better understanding of a non-evolving cosmic order.

We are left with verifiable truth taking many paths based on observations which become intellectual toys that the real world may forget in the intellectual gymnastics and mathematical treatment of the observations.

The principle of noncontradiction cannot be established scientifically only by a witness. 

Once you concede that *an* absolute truth exists, a whole slew of truth statements come with it:  

It can’t be absolutely true since that would create a contradiction:

So if you remove all religious beliefs it is very easy subconsciously to absorb the truth.

An ascending process” in which facts are collected, arranged and then general conclusions are drawn in which we arrive at a generalisation on the basis of particular observed facts. This process is realistic because it is based on facts and explains to them as they actually are. But it can only show that the hypothesis is not inconsistent with the known facts.

In reality, the collection of data is not illuminating unless it is related to a hypothesis.

Either because it is committed to religion being false (e.g., they want to live a sinful lifestyle, so they need to convince themselves that God isn’t real, or at least, worth obeying), or because they’re too proud to admit defeat, or because they’re not really that interested in investigating the issue deeply, or simply because they don’t see things the same way that you do.        

The narrower the problem on the basis of logical reasoning the truer it becomes verified by observation. 

The penguin stands verified. It does not need a witness or scientifically proven. 

But truth relies on the axiom that things are either true or false: things that are false cannot be true, and things that are true cannot be false.

There exists absolute and knowable truth, outside of the realm of the natural sciences, and not subject to empirical and scientific testing.

All scientific knowledge is built upon a bed of metaphysical propositions that cannot be established scientifically. Where experiment is practically impossible, abstraction and analysis afford the only means of escape from those which complicate the problem so much.  

So many people hold wrong opinions simply because they’ve never thought deeply on the subject. And our culture is absolutely toxic with wrongheaded philosophical and religious views and now false news.   

I won’t say you are wrong if you won’t say I am. The argument depends totally on the rules of the logic game. Unfortunately because of Social media, our intellects are falling.  

We established the truth of the claim by the witness and not those who hide behind logically incoherent arguments removing themselves from the field of logical discussion.

The only thing to do (I presume) is to attempt to lure them back by showing that they’ve transgressed logic and are simply appealing to emotion?

Assuming that the public square should be devoid of religion; assuming that faith is irrational; etc. “Absolute truth exists” is absolutely true.

On the other hand, no one can know anything for certain, is sceptic’s absurdity.

This statement is a broad (self-refuting) metaphysical and epistemological claim.

To achieve a trusted world it requires a compromise of the cultures.  

At this point in our analysis, we might ask:

Does it all matter? Why should we care?

Our answer is the belief that happiness in this life can be found only by understanding the spiritual background of the universe, and by living in accordance with it. 

This means that we have to recognize the invisible background of reality and accept the importance of spirit in our life. Denying the transcendent aspects of our nature can lead to serious problems for our physical health and spiritual well being.

The truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth or someone may claim the right to tell it for you. 

Our task isn’t the task of slaves to technology, who have to serve their creator.

“If Materialism is false”, writes Imants Baruss “then what is true?”

What is true these days is that we economizing it.

Let people believe what they want, as long as those beliefs aren’t leading to hurtful or unlawful actions.

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