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Modern day technology with its Artificial Intelligence does not point in any single direction. However, the gap between words and deeds is growing.

In times such as ours where there is a slow disengagement of truth, we need to be reminded that our central calling, our main task on the planet, is survival, which with the ever-growing use of AI gives rise to a host of new ethical problems and dilemmas.Résultat de recherche d'images pour "pictures of technology in the future"

With most of us chocking on non-truths, new technologies, and AI, the earth and our living conditions on the planet are worsening faster than ever.

Both AI and technology are begging for attention in order to be harnessed to our common values rather than profit for profit sake.

This is a debate that is only just beginning.

Since time memorial man does not seem to be able to ” help ” his selfishness, the desire to stand out.

They say that we are stuck with our character, we can’t evolve beyond it or without it.

So let’s not ask what is wrong with modern-day society, but ask where it is leading us?

It seems to me that we are living in a period where the overproduction of truth and non-truth cannot be consumed.

We are tranquilized with trivial.

We can’t control our own actions and there is no control over the actions of others.

So are we going to end up living with an inner sense of chaos that robot will not have?

At the moment we are split in two we have the awareness of our splendid uniqueness, but yet we end up feeding worms.

However, if the fear of death is removed by Technology we will lose the ability of our self- preservation.

( Anxiety is something we all share, now more than ever – normality is a neurosis.)

Then it will become impossible for us to have the ability to organize our own perceptions and our relationships to the world.

If we remove the idea of death, we remove what it means to live.

So is technology and AI going to create a greater social- historical truth, by omitting religious and spiritual ideas for our lives?

To do so it must replace what in our conscious life is called fear.

Our present-day fears are fashioned out of the ways in which we perceive the world. So we continue to design societies of symbolic action systems with structures of statuses ( Likes, Hits, Followers, Tweets, Posts, ) and roles, customs, and rules for behavior designed to service vehicles for earthly heroism. It doesn’t seem to matter whether the cultural hero-system if frankly, magical, religious, primitive or secular, scientific, technological driven or not.

The question is how conscious are we of what we are doing to earn our feeling of heroism?

Is there a need to create a larger theoretical structure to society?

Or is it too late as there is no harmony that unites different positions so that the sterile and ignorant polemics can be abated.

The crises of modern society are precise that the youth no longer feel heroic in the plan for action that their culture has set up.

We have been unable to this day to give an overall sense of heroism to any present-day capitalist industrial society mainly because of inequality.

As profit for profit sake dons the cloak of AI it is disguising the way society sets up its hero system with virtual reality and false promises.

Indeed it will not be far into the future when Robots will invent reasons for anxiety even where there is none to allow humans to exist.

The fear of death is a biological and evolutionary problem. It is an expression of the instinct of self-preservation, which functions as a constant drive to maintain life and to master the dangers that threaten life.

If AI removes the fear of death what will our mental functions be- will it be just living in the moment.

All historical religious address themselves to how to bear the end of life.

If we remove death, our biology and evolution must transfer into Trans-humans.

Will we really be able to call such hypothetical trans-humans “human” at all?Image associée

We must be more realistic about our situation in nature.

(Just look at Donal Trump who has more trouble with his lies than others.)

If we don’t do so we are we all going to end up as children living in others dependence – or on Artificial Intelligence.

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