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The big question that is going to confront us is arriving quicker than we think.

Where will AI or machine learning ultimately take us?

Should we allow AI or Machine Learning be simply set by those that directly profit from it (or the machines themselves) or should direction beset by all of us.Résultat de recherche d'images pour "pictures of the brain"

If so how?

If machines end up thinking for themselves then what?

If we don’t open our minds to these questions they will be opened for us by many artificial scientists whether we like it or not.

We are now in a race against the growing power of technology and what wisdom we have left.

In my mind, it should be made mandatory that we humans participate in how present-day technology is being used.

It’s not white Algorithms that we should be engaging with but the voices of common sense. We need people who can think and not technologists solely to decide what evolutionary surprises are in the long tall grass.

We can afford to risk letting Ai or Machine Learning breed in real time. 

If we do there will be many perverse outcomes that will cause catastrophes.

Algorithms are developing that are exploiting rules and seeking the greatest possible rewards to such extent that we are already losing control to little green boxes called Siri. Alexa, and our smartphones.

Increasingly polarized and radicalized political movements, constant surveillance, leaked health data, manipulation of elections using Facebook data are only the tip of the iceberg.

With computer science ethics is optional.

A conscious Robot built first and fixed later will not work. It needs to learn both social and ethical implications of its actions prior to operating at any level of compatibility.

We, therefore, must ensure that it is impossible for scientists to be able to abdicate the responsibility for their creations. 

There is no room for some nerd-sighted geniuses of our day to make a mistake.

I.E. That’s not my problem I just programmed or built it is not good enough.

All of us should be consulted through appointed representatives to determine whether a technology once introduced is usable by all with in the resources available.

All technology programmes whether they are Algorithms for profit or otherwise should under Law be required to submit a verified copy of the program to be held in a virtual world strongroom, accessible to all ensuring transparency and accountability.

The information inside our brains is being extracted quicker and quicker by Ai and it will end up in the hands of a machine owned by a program Android called Connecto with over one hundred billion neurons.

Now you might think that this is total hogwash but Connecto is a Neuroscience research program already going on.Résultat de recherche d'images pour "pictures of the brain"

Scientists aren’t sure if technology is destroying our brains but it’s only a question of time before a brain is uploaded to a computer and you may rest assured that only a few will understand what it will produce.

Our apps are taking advantage of our hard-wired needs for security and social interaction and researchers are starting to see how terrible this is for us. The more tapping, clicking and social media posting and scrolling people do, the “noisier” their brain signals become.

Decode our thoughts and our private minds will no longer to private.

If it’s in your mind it is in your brain.

Therefore because all brains are of a similar structure no matter what language, what religion what color your skin is whether you rich or poor we all walk and we all think much the same way we are in danger of a commonality that can be used and exploited to create a social interaction that is common to us all.

All day long, we’re inundated by interruptions and alerts from our devices.

This is why all those Like clicks are helping to create a systemic programme that could lead to being able to decode our thoughts and our personalities.

For me, the question is where is all this leading as we don’t yet quite know what intelligence is.

Is it the brain of Sapiens or the biological structure of plants that have made us subsistence to them or the structure of atoms that are the foundation to both or some other forces that we are unaware of that is the real intelligence.

All human comments appreciated. All like clicks chucked in the bin.