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Science is converging on an all-encompassing dogma, which says that organism are algorithms a, and life is data processing. Intelligence is decoupling from consciousness. Non-conscious but highly intelligent algorithms may soon know us better than we know ourselves.Image associée

Every day we absorb countless data bits.

This relentless flow of data gives rise to new inventions, disruptions that nobody plans, controls or fully comprehends.

For instance no one knows where global politics is heading, or how the global economy functions or what the climate is doing.

For all intensive purpose we don’t give a fuck providing we don’t pick up a virus, and even then our wireless brains want to remain in the flow of data.

Algorithms are constantly watching us, monitoring our thoughts,and feelings to such an extent that the meaning of life is disappearing into the invisible hand of Dataisim called Google, Face Book. Twitter and their disciples.

Experiences are valueless if not shared with an Algorithm on a smart phone.

No wonder we are all busy converting our experiences into data.

Your Dog or Cat or Fridge, might soon have a Facebook or Twitter account.

By equating the human experience with data patterns it is undermining the main source of authority, meaning of life, and this shift will not be just a philosophical revolution, it will be a practical revolution.

After a few hundred years of data flow your feelings which were once your best algorithms will have being replaced by a filtered personal platform or platforms all attached to the Cloud for an annual fee.Image associée

Its good-by democracy, elections. Have you had your DNA sequenced, are you wearing a biometric device that is connected to your smart phone.

The personal cloud god algorithm will tell you who to marry, what career to follow, what to put in your fridge.

All of this begs the question are we humans developing a seed algorithm that when it combines with machine learning will develop its own path, going where no human has gone before or can follow.

We have no idea whether it will develop consciousness and subjective experience.

Before we are reduced to non- conscious algorithms would it not be prudent to establish a New World organisation that vets all technology against our core values as humans. ( See previous posts)

What prevents us from collaborating in a global effort to solve climate change, or any other problem is probable the same reason why we are being exploited by Social media. Humans are deeply divided by nationalism and sectarian beliefs.. However with knowledge comes responsibility. So this failure is a global moral failure, as well as a failure of political will.

The world is changing faster than ever before with us relinquishing authority to crowd wisdom/data in the form of social media that is being mining by capitalist organisations which is governed by algorithms.Résultat de recherche d'images pour "pictures of humanity"

While inequality on all fronts grows and our world organisations become irrelevant we are flowed with irrelevant information.

The answer is bleakly simple: We cannot get these issues on our political radar screens without a huge prolong popular uprising.  It looks like humanity will soon be a ripple within the cosmic data flow. Résultat de recherche d'images pour "pictures of humanity"

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