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We all know that democracy comes in many forms.Afficher l'image d'origine

The question however is, what (if any) form is worthwhile having or is what we have worth keeping.

I ask this because we are now traveling in some of the Earth,s most unforgiving environments where consensus democracy is just beginning to take hold.

We are entering a period in the world thanks to Social Media where old grudges are arising to the surface and are now threatening to destabilize world peace.

We are also entering a biomedical and silicon society with the recombinant DNA enabling the manipulation of life as its genetic essence.

Physics and Math with the help of computer power is not only revealing how the world works but how the Universe was formed with magnificent and dangerous ways to exploit it.

Perhaps because we are the invasive species of all it’s time we have to ask ourselves is Science and the game changing technology collaborating to destroy democracy or enhance it.  

Is it still true to say:

Compared to dictatorships, oligarchies, monarchies and aristocracies, in which the people have little or no say in who is elected and how the government is run, a democracy is often said to be the most challenging form of government, as input from those representing citizens determines the direction of the country. The basic definition of democracy in its purest form comes from the Greek language: The term means “rule by the people.” But democracy is defined in many ways — a fact that has caused much disagreement among those leading various democracies as to how best to run one.

Our governments have made education a chain and ball of debt that locks the mind into materialism.

Instead of looking after their citizens they put ( under the miss comprehension that growth will cure-all ) the Economy first when they should be hanging their heads in shame when one citizen through no fault of his or her own lives life and died in poverty.

There is little point in maintaining a nuclear deterrent if you have to live out you life on the bread line. What’s the point if you all but wiped out before the button is pressed.

I recently visited Singapore Zoo.  The youngest zoo in the world.

It sported a simulated Rainforest, a tropical Polar Bear and hundred of school children which will never see any of the Zoo residents in the wild. I could not shake the feeling that I was looking at our feeble attempts to show what was left of values. Perhaps it is because I was seeing a generation becoming bereft of connection to nature.

The caused of our separation from all these things pervade every aspect of our lives.

The rise of personal computer in the form of smart phones solely promoting free-market capitalism rather than equality, and values that count.

Most of us in the west are crying to have our needs met, and eventually adapting to them not being met. Perhaps such an upbringing is necessary in our cultural democracy contex. We are prepared from birth for a competitive dog-eat-dog economy. That expresses itself in greed by the continuing the imperative need to convert all natural and social into money.

All aspects of our present day democratic culture conspire to strip us of our connection and belongingness.

Property rights, Surveillance, Debt based financial systems where money is scarce, religious indoctrination, a legal culture of liability, Racial, ethnic, national chauvinism, deskilling jobs hat leave us as passive helpless consumers of experiences.

An Internet of everything that most impertantly is a metaphysics that tells us that we are discrete, separate selves in a universe of others.

As this world of separation crumbles so will Democracy.

Because of the atmosphere of scarcity is everywhere everything must change.

To appreciate the sweep of change and magnitude you only have to look at Climate change (perhaps its time to put a monetary value on the sky and people will not treat it like a free dump.) and the billions being spent by the Candidates for the President of the USA.

Ted Cruz $65 million

Mareo Rubio $ 17 million

Jeb Bush $104 million

Ben Carson $39 million

Chris Christie $19 million

Donal Trump $6 Million

Hillary Clinton $100 million

Bernie Sanders $42 million

They are transforming modern-day American democracy into a form of theater and television ads.  The correlation between big money has condensed democracy into buzzwords, glitz, the main currencies attracting attention on our television screens.

With the wealth of the 62 richest people in the word now standing at over $2 trillion which is the cumulative worth of the poor half of the world population we have Google, Facebook, Twitter and other Corporate giants building technologies with artificial neurons that can learn on their own.

These may in time exhibit intelligent behaviours virtually indistinguishable from those of its human masters.

The question is longer what phone should I get? It’s what ecosystem should I join if any as they could all become the same.

Privacy is going out the window.

There are vats of coli bacteria churning out medical insulin, plastic polymers and food additives that might go where they are not wanted.

Limited world resources and being snapped up by sovereign wealth funds and hedge funds.

Algorithms buy and sell share and currencies making a mockery of the stock exchange.

Fusion power is light years away.

Not everybody is happy with the high-tech changes.

The Web is weakened the foundation principles of Democracy or if not reshaping them.

Our World Organisation are out of date, setting in motion a sequence of events that will change the history of life which is one contingent tale, liable to be rerouted at anytime. ( See previous posts)

We left with the question can capitalism Democracy deliver change.

Not on its own as it is based on greed, power, corruption, non transparency, taxies, to name just a few of its ticking cogs. God forbid its is left down to this man.donald Trump

There is only one way we can achieve a better world.

Scrap the United Nations which has become a begging Organisation of worthless resolutions.

Replace it with a World Aid Organisation that is financed by Capitalism with a 0.05% world aid commission on all High Frequency Trading, on all Foreign Exchange Transactions (over $20,000) and on all Sovereign Wealth Funds Acquisitions.

This would create an Organisation with genuine clout and save Democracy.   

I hope this blog will awaken those who are not already conscious. All comments welcome.