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A one minute Easter Read.

Is it because we can’t handle the truth or is it because religious beliefs are dying in a world driven by materialism.

Most people would have a difficult time telling you, specifically, what the values are that they live by.

They have never given the matter much thought.They would probably, in the end, decide not to answer in terms of a definitive list of values.

The reason for this decision is itself one very modern-day value—their belief that every individual is so unique that the same list of values could never be applied to all, or even most, of their fellow citizens.

“I personally chose which values I want to live my own life by.”

Wrong!  Because the different behaviors of a people or a culture make sense only when seen through the basic beliefs, assumptions and values of that particular group.

For example Americans firmly believe that no adult would ever want, even temporarily, to be dependent on another.

There is no arguing that values in society, has dramatically dropped over the past 20 to 30 years. If you look around it is obvious why it is happening.

Technology is reshaping our values.

All worthy things are under attack.

When you look at our current world it seems that the lessons of history count for sweet f .. k all.

Donald Trump peddling another fantasy other than the decline of the United States. ( He appears to think that the solution to everything is a deal.)  Money helps but better quality of life is critical if we are to have a peaceful equitable world.  Just imagine a self-made US president, a self-appointed Putin, and North Korean Dictator and ISIS making a deal.

It’s no wonder that the values in society, have dramatically dropped over the past 20 to 30 years.

It’s been proven for a long time now that you get what you give.

The world to-day has about 25% connected people. The rest are not so connected but Google Fied, Apple strapped, Facebooked with Twittered with the Internet of Everything.  I am Nnot saying that the unconnected are bad or otherwise but they just do not get it through the values they were taught in Schools and Universities who educate for the sake of the Free Market, rather than managing a World that is running out of resources such as fresh water, clean air.

They will never see through the veil of smart phone and selfies to what their possibilities in life are.

It’s a really powerful time, but no one seems to know where we’re at. The majority of the media feed us unadulterated crap, sensualization, while governments pay homage to trade deals and GDP with people sleeping on the streets.

People walk around whining into their smart phones, like relentless strivers living in a gray zone of reality. While the devastation of our world continues for profit at any cost, driving us all to extremes.

This is why we must place an World Aid commission of 0.05% on all High Frequency Trading, on all Foreign Exchange transactions over 20,000$ on all Sovereign Wealth Funds Acquisitions if we have any chance of changing direction. ( See previous posts)

T-World Globe | Exhibition Design for The Galeries

Planting a seed today may make many benefits in the future for someone.

The values of giving, sharing, loving, are the values that should be reflected in all you say, do or speak.

Its time to get smart.

To create a new world Organisation that has survival at its heart funded by Capitalism.

All comments welcome.

Happy Easter.