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( A two-minute read. A thousands years of consequences)

Industrial society is out of control. Run by Scientific, Technological, Industrial, Business and Financial education.

Billions of, you name it, has being destroyed in the name of progress.

What we now have is unsustainable growth, with almost everything being turned into a commodity for the sake of profit.

It could be said that Industry has turning Urban dwellers into blood suckers of the planet by creating unnecessary, meaningless, futile and destructive jobs and professions to keep them occupied.

To such an extent that they City dwellers are fooling the world with terminologies … Progress, Growth, Development, GDP.Afficher l'image d'origine

Industrial Society has destroyed most of the biodiversity and ecosystems in just 250 years for the sake of consumer goods, greed and profit.

It seems ridiculous that we complain of overpopulation when it is Industrialisation that is the cause of overpopulation.

So we have now arrived at point in the world where we can’t live with it or without it and are looking at Technological Machines to save us and the planet.

We are confronted with unsolvable problems, spending billion on Space Exploration while our water, air ,rivers, lakes and oceans are being polluted. With billions of acres of agricultural land been poisoned by million of tons of Pesticides, insecticides and fertilizer.

Neither Capitalism, Socialism or Communism matter.

There is little point debating over Capitalism, Socialism and Communism as they are all equally harmful.

Monsanto is not going to become less harmful or is any other Industry whether they are operating under any of the three.

There is little hope of mind set change even if climate change forces mass migration and a Industrial Conscious. Our countries and political leaders are more concerned with what happens to the economic climate rather than what really counts.

Our world media promotes triviality while ignoring the larger picture.

Who cares if it is Mathematically impossible for the USA to pay off 16 trillion dollars of debt. With 5% of the world population it has consumed 20-40% of the world resources with borrowed money.

The earth climate will not be saved by discussion like the Paris Climate Conference.

All political parties in the world are promoting Growth Rate, Economy Rate, GDP which require more and more nuclear plants.

Even if the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and ISIS, were to join forces they will not be able to create Mega Disasters as big as Chernobyl or Fukushima.

Claiming that nuclear power is not harmful is like claiming that the sun is not hot.

It is insanity to the power of infinity.

Why bury nuclear waste when it will remain radioactive for thousands of years poising the soil, water, humans, animals and the plant.

The bigger the Industry the bigger the Industrial accident.

There is no fourth place for the billion of tonnes of Metal waste, Plastic waste, gaseous waste, chemical waste, e waste, nuclear waste other than space which is already polluted.

The production of Plastic uses about 20% of the worlds oil produced.

We cannot save the environment after it has been killed by Industrial Activity.

We have one group trying to save the Forests, another group trying to save the Oceans, another the fresh water, another Air, another whales , another donkeys.

What is the point of saving a few dogs, whales, tigers, elephants when we seem unable to save ourselves.

Earth’s Oceans will contain more discarded plastic than fish when measured by weight by 2050.

Big data, the internet of things and the cloud are all about one thing only cutting costs. They create wealth for only a tiny minority.

What is the point of storing every contact, twitter notification, photo, and documents in a cloud that has a veracious appetite for electricity. The only reason we do it is because it s free.

Millions in the world die for trivial reasons. Million kill for trivial reasons. Billions live on a few dollars a day.

Perhaps we should award the Nobel Prize for Lunacy for the pretending that the environment is getting saved to ourselves.

We have people who pretend to be deeply concerned about Inequality between man and man. But they are totally unconcerned about Inequality between millions of other species.

Equality does not come from Theories, Philosophies, and Terminologies. Nor does it come from  Capitalism, Socialism, Communism.

We spend billions on Get Rich quick Lotto’s, pension funds (that in turn invest in Hedge Funds that exploit capitalism) in education, in health, in weapons, in gratification of pleasure, in energy, in Technology ( that cannot create a Forests, a mountains, a rivers, an ocean, it takes million of years.)

Industrialization all ends up on the world Stock Exchange Markets where trillions are made in nanoseconds by Algorithms in High Frequency Transactions, Foreign exchange transactions. These trillions are used to set up Sovereign Wealth Funds the true terrorists of the world which are privatizing the very essence of life.

So are we all so dumb that we think it can go on for ever and ever without exploding.

It is too late for either religions or political systems to create a new world moral code. Afficher l'image d'origineAfficher l'image d'origine

Its time we stopped all the gossip in our out of date world organisations and put in place A World Aid Commission of 0.05% of all High Frequency trading transactions, on all Foreign Exchange transactions ( over $20,000) on all Sovereign Wealth Funds Acquisitions, on all new drilling licences.

This will create a perpetual fund spreading the cost of rectifying the world problems evenly amongst the world Industries that caused them in the first place.

How can this be achieved.

The same way that most thing are going to change with the pressure of Social Media and the Smart Phone.

All it needs is a Crickhowell movement. ( Which by the way is led by the local coffee shop, the local book shop, the optician, the bakery, the towns salmon smokery.)  A small town in Wales whose independent traders got fed up of being ripped off by the UK Governments taxes. ( Look it up. Were all not stupid.)

What to stop us doing the same, by placing a Worlds people resolution in the United nations.

We live in a world where yesterday news is old news. Where self interest governs to the detriment of a common goal to remove inequality by bestow the riches of our world in opportunities to all.

All comments appreciated.