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( A one minute obligatory read if you are interested in the planet you live on) .

It is not amazing that the contemporary world is marked by a growing number of problems that are genuinely Global in scope.Afficher l'image d'origine

Yet instead of addressing them we spend our time discussing ISIS, North Korea, Mr Putin, Worthless Trump, Air Brain Palin, The price of Oil, Stem cells, New Planets billion of light years away, the list is endless rubbish.

In the mean time we have the spread of Zika virus, a blizzard to beat all blizzards, thousands of Refugees, billions being spend of Presidential Campaigns while Inequality spreads like a cancer.

So forgive me for thinking we must be one of the most selfish, stupid, technology driven like button idiots that ever existed on this planet.

Based on the Best current science we are looking down the barrel of a gun with the bullet fired.

There could be no more extreme than current weather patterns, melting glaciers, sea level rising, megadroughts, desertification, deforestation, food supply disruption, famines, infectious disease, mass migration, social upheaval, economic distress, political instability.

All conflict multipliers that will turn Earth into an unlivable cauldron of I am alright Jack.

It seems that few realise how dire this situation has become or is becoming.

All down to human activity that continues to prune the evolutionary tree of life with gay adabondament.

And if that is not enough evidence that we are heading full speed to oblivion. The last Global Biodiversity Report presented some hard facts that the population of vertebrates that include mammals, birds, reptiles, sharks, rays, and amphibians – living within the tropics declined by 59% from 1970- 2006.

Just in case that has not sunk in what they are saying is that more than half of the vertebrate population between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer has disappeared in the last 36 years.

They also found that birds in Europe declined by 50% since 1980. Birds in North America declined by 40%.

Just one more hard fact that it is time to open our eyes. All plants species the foundation of the food chain upon which we depend – are currently ” threatened with extinction.

Yet humans around the world are either unaware of the situation or have their heads buried in the sand, when we should be taking immediate action.

Our consumerist economy that promotes the endless acquisition of products over the conservation of nature would need 1.5 Earths to meet the demands we currently make on Nature.

You might not still appreciate just how bad things are. By 2048 there will be virtually no more wild caught seafood. Our oceans are dying from Lake Erie to the Baltic Sea, the Gulf of Mexico the coastal water of Australia New Zealand, dead zones are growing. The Baltic is already Dead.  60% of all coral reef have being turned in to white ghost towns.

I have being lucky in my life to have traveled both by sea and land extensively.

Experiencing nature first hand let me tell you that there is a critical threshold that once crossed will result in a sudden and irreversible change. A tipping point that will arrive overnight.  There is no technology that can restore it to its original state.

I might sound overblowing and alarmist but look around you. We have little real knowledge of how the ecosystem works but just because we can’t see the catastrophe doesn’t mean it not real.

After all 99.9% OF MATTER is empty space, yet no amount of squinting will reveal this fact to the naked eye.

What does matter is that our fears accurately track the totality of the evidence presented.

This is why solving the problem ought to be on the top of the list of all superpowers in the world.

The likelihood of this happening is the same as asking is the Pope a Catholic.

Even if it does happen, nobody, no Government, no World Organisation, no Country, no Economy, no joe soap has the will or money to rectify a world that is bent on self-destruction.

This is why we must create a World Aid Fund. ( see previous posts)

It is the only solution that is non Political, spreading the cost across all beliefs all colours evenly.

Go on press the like button if you are one of the Googlefied that think you are living on the Planet. If on the other hand you are truly alive get involved and leave your thoughts. Afficher l'image d'origine

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