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As riot police dismantle the camps of northern France, ‘forced relocation’ of people into shipping containers is brushing a humanitarian disaster under the carpet. The new accommodation on which the French have spent £20m is shipping containers, each kitted out with 12 bunk beds. There is heating and electricity BUT Humanity is bulldozed away.

The underlying political problem is never dealt with, except ironically by the refugees and migrants themselves, who have put up a sign saying “David Cameron Street” in the Jungle.

The focus of many EU governments now appears to have shifted decisively back to a default position—namely efforts aimed at preventing or discouraging people from attempting to reach EU territory, tackling smuggling networks, and rapidly deporting individuals who do not have a right to remain in the EU.

FOUR MILLION migrants expected to reach Europe by the end of 2017.

EU leadership is more important than ever to reach a Europe-wide deal on refugees.

An estimated 31,244 migrants have braved the deadly boat crossing over the Mediterranean Sea to Greece in the first 16 days of this year. This shocking statistic represents 21 times the number of migrants who crossed during the same period in January 2015, according to the International Organisation for Migration.

The IMF has predicted four million refugees will reach Europe by the end of 2017. Pictured is a migrant waiting to catch a train while wrapped in a blanket while trying to keep warm in SerbiaChancellor Angela Merkel's party has also called for Germany to declare Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia 'safe countries of origin', making it easier to reject asylum requests by its nationalsIt is expected that the number of new arrivals to Greece is likely to exceed the 853,650 migrants who crossed over to Greece by sea last year

Last year children accounted for a quarter of the one million migrants and refugees arriving across the Mediterranean in Europe.

God knows, these people need help. They are not obtruders. Every one of them is in need of protection and entitled to the rights guaranteed under the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

At the same time, there are still millions caught in situations of conflict, displacement, poverty and underdevelopment – the main causes of the crisis.

UNICEF is appealing for US$14 million to support the needs of affected children and women through 2016.Composite image showing three different lots of migrants

The rising number of people entering Europe in search of safety and in search of a better life has captured the world’s attention with scenes of heartbreaking tragedy.


Travelling hundreds and thousands of miles over land and over water, from Africa, the Middle East and Asia, people are risking everything in the hope of reaching their goal, and the danger does not end at a border crossing.

Here are a few Graphics to open your eyes.

Map of arrivals

Asylum claims

In September, EU ministers voted by a majority to relocate 120,000 refugees EU-wide, but for now the plan will only apply to 66,000 who are in Italy and Greece.
chart showing number of migrants EU countries will acceptChart showing approved asylum applications





Migrant deaths in Mediterranean by month                       Syrians in neighbouring countries and Europe map



Whenever people treats others as they treat each other, then we will have no more wars.