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If you have even been on the end of a tongue lashing, or received praise you will appreciate the power of Language.

Society is reflected in Language.

Is this the reason that Poverty is being replaced in Language by the word Inequality.

Inequality of wages, inequality of opportunity, inequality of education, Inequality of benefits, inequality of immigration, till you arrive at the inequality of inequality.

My point here is that by replacing the word Poverty with Inequality LANGUAGE is making a consciousness shift in our behavior to Poverty.

FOR EXAMPLE.  Governments legalisation of gambling with Lotteries that take most of it money from the poor to pay for affluent people ‘s activities is a form of moral decay in our Societies.

You might not think that language has the power to changes your perception. You would be wrong.

Language has being used to dehumanize the enemy in all recent wars.

Here are a few examples in no particular order.

Cruts, Nips, Goons, Terrorists, Charlie, Hun, Jerry, Haji, Ragheads, Pinko, Tiliban, Rubble-Heads, Towel heads, Shinnies, Dink, Slope – Bastards, Nips,

Once poverty ment.

Deprivation, want, insecurity, helpless, powerlessness, inferiority, pitiable, despicable, beggar, vagabond, leper, undeserving, deserving, humble,dependent on Charitable relief.

These days Poverty means :

Immigration, human misery amidst the plenty.

In work poverty, no hours contracts, minimum wage, benefits.

Education, state against private.

Refugee. Natural disasters, wars.

Exploitation. Modern day slavery.

You may think that this is of no consequence, but once society starts to dehumanise its social and moral values with words it is devaluing its core values to the whims of the rich condemning the poor to the Scratch card of life.

Inequality is full of blame, while poverty is full reality.

Try it for yourself. Close your eyes. Say poverty. Now say inequality.

I am sure you will appreciate the difference.