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High consumption levels and over exploitation for the sake of profit is continuing to destroy our beautiful planet.

I can hear you saying so what is new.

Nothing I suppose.

But anyone with any intelligence is and should be by now realizing  that with Climate Change we have constructed a materialistic civilization  that is addicted to ravishing its life support system.

The question is. Why is it that we seem unable to agree a plan?

The simple answer is the fear of profit impacts.

What is driving this fear? Unadulterated Greed.

This greed in recent years has taken a new form call Sovereign Wealth Funds.

These are State backed investment bodies that are roaming the globe in search of Profit.

Investment funds that are threatening the hierarchy of legal authority and if not capped will convert all our efforts to combat the ills of the world into commodities to be sold. Air, Water, Energy, CO2 Credits, you name it.

A Sovereign Fund by its definition behaves no different from the state it is appendix.

With such concentrations of economic power they subvert the power of civil rights and human rights.

There is no distinction between state and private interests. No one knows who takes decisions within SWF’s or what criteria they have other than to make profit.

If you think that in the Arab world ( where billions from oil revenue are in these Funds ) there are no contracts on an institution to institution, state to state, or enterprise to enterprise all are a person to person, not to mention Russia or China you would have reason to fear the Privatisation of the Globe by these Funds.

They are not going away but are becoming an increasingly powerful actor in the International Political System and world economy.

In developing Countries they are replacing the World Bank and the IMF ( which might not be a bad thing as both are somewhat dysfunctional in a World economy that is run by computer software programs)

They are now major players in the market economic power struggle using economic globalization ( which does not exclude private market participants from its system) to freely move capital around the world.

You can imagine what is going ( if it is not already happening ) to happen to countries that don’t have capital wealth.

These funds are taking on the characteristics of large aggregation of private economic power for profit for profit sake.

I am sure being Sovereign that they are not subject to tax on their profits. strong>