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I am the first to admit that there are more qualified to comment on Capitalism in the age of Globalization.

But here is what I see.

The age of Globalization and new technologies is profoundly reconfiguring Institutions fundamental to processes of governance and accountability ( for lack of a better words) in our modern States.

If you don’t believe me just look at  Crimea, the Ukraine, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Somalia, Algeria,Tunisia, Chad, Burma, and on and on we go all being destabilized.


Because Economic globalization has transformed the territoriality and sovereignty of the nation-state.

The term Sovereignty, has a long history. From Aristotle to the UN Charter.

Globalization has had a short history as a ruthless corporate-driven extension of commodity production. Solidifying its hold over Institutions, labor, culture, and our very own lives. Now turning into a deadly cycle of terrorism and militarism.

The unbridled capital accumulation of Sovereign Wealth Funds will spread ecological devastation as they recognize no territorial or cultural boundaries.  Devoid of any meaningful social ethics or planning mechanisms they are rapidly becoming the new terror spreading toxic contamination of water, air ,soil, food with global warming with resource depletion, ravaging Nature.

There can no longer be any doubt that their short-term objects of profit for profit sake are in direct conflict with the long-range survival – as human beings – of everyone on Earth.

Representing what I call Corporate colonization they are close if not already totally out of control while the wretched of the earth continue to increase with Poverty turning to Inequality.

I have said in previous blogs that we are incapable of change and that the only way we will affect change is to make greed pay by taxing all Stock Exchange transactions world-wide. We must pay for what we value. The only way to achieve this is for a people’s resolution to reform OUR WORLD ORGANISATION  SUCH AS THE  UNITED NATIONS , THE WORLD BANK, THE IMF ALL NEED REFORM.


Not a day goes by that we don’t hear or read of new technologies of the information age.