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Which is it?
  How far a democratic state can go to constrain the liberties of its citizens when dealing with a medical emergency — and raises questions about how effective the measures will be. These difficulties point to the fundamental problem in keeping in check such a dangerous epidemic in a democratic country that values fundamental liberties such as the freedom to move around. At the moment the main reason for these measures is to slow down and contain the virus. The decree appears to be more of an instrument to try to persuade people to find ways to stay at home as much as possible, rather than as a list of enforceable prescriptions. Locked down, is a combination of locked in and locked out. Elevated security measures. Locked in, you cannot get out. Locked away, to keep (oneself) alone in a room or place for a long period of time. To put (someone) in a locked place (such as a prison) for a long period of time. To put (something) in a locked container, place, etc. Locked up, Jail. Locked out. Securely locked up. To become fastened. To withhold work from (employees) during a labour dispute. It can be difficult to establish where the appropriate danger sources might be so lockdown procedures should be seen as a sensible and proportionate response to any external incident which has the potential to pose a threat to the safety. There is perhaps time for draconian measures to stop the outbreak but democracies must trust their citizens, now it’s time for us to earn that trust so people and our democracy survive.    Sadly, because there are no specific risk factors for COVID-19 it won’t be the last of measures that were considered unthinkable not so long ago. At the end of that arm is a germ-bearing cell, any venture out in public carries some risks, whether the destination is a grocery store or a breath of air. We take risks without thinking, and we can minimise some of those risks. This is a strange new world we’re entering with no path to guide us. Tread carefully. Putting these restrictions in place is far easier than removing them. All human comments appreciated. All like clicks and abuse chucked in the bin.