( A twenty-minute read before you vote)

This post is COMPLEMENTS to a list compiled by MATT TURNBULL.

His list may shock you, but it does not shock me as there is plenty of evidence of a deeper problem. in the UK. His list, in fact, confirms that the referendum to leave the EU has little to do with with the Eu in the first place.

Anyway, before we see England elect the mother of all hung parliaments.

No amount of lever pulling, within the current paradigm, will get England anywhere but back to where it was. England has hocked most of the economy to save a broken and out of date system of governance.

Even before approaching the management of its miserable plight it needs a written constitution.

It is clear to me there are two big things happening in the world:

A tech revolution that started with the internet, but has now spread to everything from materials science to medicine to robotics; and a green revolution, that started with carbon reduction and is now changing the way people run businesses and live their lives.

Bigger structural changes on the horizon because society as a whole has barely yet to recognise the symptoms of climate change.

We are the only species that ROUTINELY overrule natural imperatives.

The tragedy of Brexit in waiting is that the process may be irreversible while it sheds the need to playing world superpower and gain a modest outlook on its position in a world of change.

It needs to create its own value and reinvest that value not in isolation but within the European community to which it belongs.

In fairness to MATT TURNBULL (I have added below the top motivations of the leave vote) which he will be sharing every day until 12th December supported by his headline comment.

“Nothing else really explains it better. Ignore the bluff, the lies, the spin, the opinion and the outright ridiculous and stick to the facts. This is where we are. Do we let it continue?”

Here is his list: 2010-2019, in case you missed it…

1,000 sure start centres closed.
780 libraries closed.
700 football pitches closed.
Foodbank use up 2,400%.
Homelessness up 1,000%.
Rough sleeping up 1,200%
Bedroom tax caused mass evictions.
Evictions are running at record highs.
35% of U.K. kids live in poverty.
Student fees up 300%.
Student debt has risen by 150%.
Eradication of EMA (education maintenance allowance).
The national debt has risen from £850billion to £2.25trillion.
Emergency Brexit stimulus from BoE in June 2016 of £175b.
Brexit related fall in national revenue of £500b.
GDP has fallen to -0.1%.
GBP fell by circa 15% versus EUR and USD.
Manufacturing in recession.
Construction in recession.
Services close to recession.
25-30% cuts to all govt departments.
25-30% cuts to all councils, mainly centred on Labour councils.
Half of the councils facing effective bankruptcy.
185k extra deaths attached to the political ideology of austerity.
25,000 less police.
20,000 fewer prison officers.
10,000 fewer border officials.
10,000 fewer firefighters.
10,000 less medical professionals.
25,000 fewer bed spaces for mental illness.
OECD calculate 3 million hidden unemployed, the rate is really 13%.
Creation of 1.3m jobs, mainly temporary, the self-employed, gig economy and ZHC.
Only 30k full-time work positions created.
Close on 50% of workers are self-employed, ZHC, or part-time precariat.
80% of the 5.3 million self-employed live below the poverty line.
35% of self-employed only earn £100 a month.
25% cuts for our disabled community.
80% cuts to Mobility allowance.
Closing Remploy.
40% of working households have practically no savings.
70% of households have less than 10k savings.
60% of households can only survive 2 months without a wage.
Household debt reaches a new peak, despite emergency base rates.
Increase of 50% in hate crimes.
Increase of knife crime by 150% to 22,000 per year.
Increase in teenage suicide by 70%.
Suicide up 12% in the year 2018.
Self-harm among young women up 70%.
Life expectancy down 3 years.
NHS satisfaction level at lowest recorded rate.
Council home building down 90%.
200k social homes lost since 2010.
Zero starter homes built, despite Tory flagship programme.
Council home building down 90%.
200k social homes lost since 2010.
One million families on council home waiting list.
100,000 increase on the council home waiting list since 2010.
36,000 teachers have left the profession.


Why England should leave the EU.

Brexit, in all scenarios, means a departure from the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and its subsidy and regulatory regime.

The UK will be obtaining exclusive national fishing rights over its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) up to 200 miles from the coast.

Depending on the terms of Brexit, it may be easier for future UK governments to change environmental standards.

It is uncertain how Brexit will affect UK energy policy.

It is far too early to say what impact Brexit will have on aviation, shipping, public transport including rail and bus, and road haulage.

The UK already maintains its own border controls. It is not part of the internal border-free Schengen Area, so free movement is a myth. Entitlement to welfare benefits for people moving between the EU Member States is closely linked to free movement rights.

The UK currently has an opt-out arrangement with the EU on policing and criminal justice measures, whereby it can choose which measures to opt in to.

A UK withdrawal from the EU would mean that the UK no longer has to comply with the human rights obligations of the EU Treaties.

Reciprocal access to healthcare through the European Health Insurance Card could be jeopardised.

Brexit could mean the Government will not have to provide student loans or maintenance funding for EU students, which would save money.

Consumer protection in the UK is currently a complex combination of EU and national law. A huge amount of UK consumer protection regulation is derived from the EU.

Foreign and defence policy; Acting through the EU means a larger aid budget, the promise of access to the largest consumer market in the world and a louder political voice. All of these can be significant ‘soft power’ tools in the pursuit of European interests. If the UK no longer co-ordinates its policy with the Member States, it will lose access to these shared tools.

International development; The UK channels funds for development cooperation and humanitarian aid through two budget lines, both of them managed by the European Commission:

The devolved legislatures: With Brexit, there could be further policy and legislative divergence in areas of devolved competence, as the UK Government and Devolved Administrations will no longer be required to implement the common requirements of EU Directives.


The EU threatens British sovereignty.

The EU is strangling the UK in burdensome regulations.

The EU entrenches corporate interests and prevents radical reforms.

The EU was a good idea, but the euro is a disaster.

The EU allows too many immigrants.

The UK could have a more rational immigration system outside the EU

The UK could keep the money it currently sends to the EU.

All human comments appreciated. All like clicks and abuse chucked in the bin.