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We are just beginning to realize that our societies are founded on a very limited definition of power.

Google it and you will see where the real power is.


As software devours the world (we are all producing trillions of it) – to be exploited by Algorithms, that are aligning us all in one direction of living, without awareness or the ability to truly see the world around us.

There is no argument that Artificial Intelligence is the way forward but what is the point if we are not citizens anymore.

We’re consumers AND WILL REMAIN SO FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE.Résultat de recherche d'images pour "pictures of technology in the future"

AI for profit is infiltrating every aspect of our lives and is going to expand the world inequality beyond wars.  

If we want to change the direction of AI to serves us all we have to change the way corporations view us and the world.

And we all know that this is impossible.

There is no point in hoping that our governments are going to introduce regulations that are going to stick, as AI has passed the threshold of any transparency.

The warnings surrounding the AI revolutions are plenty.

The voiced by Elon Musk: ( Do you Trust this Computer) The not so late Prof Stephen Hawking warns us, Westworld: shows us.

Unfortunately, there is no money to be made ensuring that AI servers us rather than the owners of the algorithms. So we end up working on symptoms all the time, ignoring the causes till its too late.

This too late scenario is not an option with AI for profit that’s is now developing its own rules as to who gets what at what price, with little or no obligations for any of this technology to contribute to the core values of life. 

AI might stabilize our environment, allow us to share more equally in the opportunities of life without damaging the planet, but this is pie in the sky.

The need for a balance needed for this technology which brings such benefits in terms of health, communication, education, safety, business, is now paramount.

In this, I am all right Jack world such an achievement would be surely something miraculous.

The reality is while we are all distracted, bombarded with false news no one has a crystal ball to see the future, but we do have the cultural history to know what happens when power is abused.

What will artificial intelligence do to us?

AI deals with ends: It establishes its own objects.  In essence, AI represents thoughtless.

AI makes its own decisions about who and where to target.

We are in danger of losing the essence of human cognition. U Tube is full of disinformation rhetoric, social media full of weird views.

With social media playing such a big part in our lives, could we be sacrificing our mental health and well-being as well as our time? In some ways, the AI explosion represents the latest challenge for transparency.

What does the evidence actually suggest?

Conclusive findings are limited.

People use social media to vent about everything from customer service to politics, but the downside to this is that our feeds often resemble an endless stream of stress.

It won’t be long before marketers will be buying data science products that autonomously construct audience segments and our world organizations such as Governments will not be able to cope.

At the moment most of AI is narrow, meaning it is specifically programmed to accomplish one task or two, however it is well on the way to developing what is called general AI that will assist us with practically everything we do.

It must be remembered that machines will not learn the same way as humans do. They will think in an abstract way whether they are managing multiple goals simultaneously or not.

An example is Face recognition.

Before all of this happens:

Surely we as the creators of AI should be passing laws that require all AI programs to be vetted against human values. That a copy of the original program should be held in a virtual cloud strongroom available to one and all. (See previous Posts)

Until we have a viable path forward.Résultat de recherche d'images pour "pictures of technology in the future"

There are now billions of people walking around with supercomputers in their pockets, and they are all connected to each other by the internet. Unless we use this power to replace Capitalism with a form of Direct democracy that really recognize that we are interconnected, that our well being is inextricable from that of our ecosystems, profit-seeking Algorithms and there like will continue to rape our Planet.

In Jason Silva latest video (below) he conveniently ignores in his presentation the power of the planet to move not just continents but all of us.

When he advocates that AI, Biology, and Nanotechnology will combine to make nature with technology one and the same to become the motherboard of technology he ignores nature.

Nature is the physical world collectively, plants, animals, landscapes, oceans, air, and all other features and forces that are not created by man.

It won’t be the coming together of AI,Biology, Nanotechnology, nor big data, or patterns, that is going to tax the human imagination, rather the rewards of climate change that is well on the way to changing the planet we all live on. 

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