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The ideological core of our civilization is hollowing out due to technology.

We are living on the parentheses of a new era. Unfortunately most of us don’t know or don’t care, or perhaps its fortunate that it so.


These are the times we were created for and we need to act at this juncture, for the sake of our children’s lives, we must confront hard data and scientific projections that are dire, harrowing to contemplate.

AS LEONARDO DE vINCI SAID ” Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else”

The Great Grief

Who wants to live in a world governed by algorithms, owned by Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft or Apple.  A smart world run on dumbing down technology such as smart phones.

I don’t.

Our present Science will only be 5% OF SCIENCE IN 2024.

Human nature is shifting to racial empathy which is going to shake the foundations of everything.

History used to take hundreds of years to develop now it is our life time. The maps no longer fit the territory of interactive, the stage of radical history.

We are not quite at the beginning of the new age because we are still haunted by the spectrum of the past but the reset button of history has being hit.

The larger question is how we redirect the collective activity of our species on the planet — if this is even possible.

Collectively, our actions in the next decade may well determine the future of our world.

What does this future actually look like? How do we communicate? How does it function? How is it powered? What value system is it based on? What does it feel like to participate in? What are we eating?

When we consider the short timeframe in which humanity must reckon with the ecological crisis, not to mention the unintended consequences of AI that we have unleashed, we do not have time for chaos and incoherence — for a slow-motion breakdown, the rise of Right Wing despotism, or the political vacuum created by Brexit and the winner of forthcoming US Presidential election.

Pretty soon, people may reach a tipping point, a collective realisation that our social structures — our political and economic system — must be reinvented.  As that realisation dawns, an alternative must be ready with a plan of action, and working prototypes.

To ensure our continuity, we must distribute wealth and resources more equitably across the human community, as a whole.

The last few hundred years, since the Industrial Revolution, were a telescoped process.

During this time, humanity overcame local boundaries and became a globally interconnected species — in a sense, a super-organism. We continuously transform our physical environment to satisfy our needs and desires. Imperialism, colonialism, neoliberalism, capitalism, industrialisation, and even communism are all transitional systems. They meshed humanity together, crudely and brutally, connecting the entire species through networks of communication and infrastructure.

As difficult as it is to imagine, we must overcome the blind spots in our ideologies and belief systems. We must find the path that leads to a harmonic, peaceful unification of humanity.

This requires defining a new form of political economy that supports the restoration or regeneration of the Earth’s ecosystems, while allowing every human being to live decently.

It also means defining a new relationship to technology and innovation.

This relationship requires a New Institution in order to ensure that we address Artificial Intelligence. It must question the capacity of an aggregate of self-interested nation-states, as well as self-interested multi-national corporations, and a tiny coterie of the super-wealthy (the 85 individuals who control more capital than half of the world’s 7 billion people), to make the necessary course correction.

We may well be approach the threshold of ecological catastrophe that will force us to reinvent human society for collective benefit — for the benefit of humanity as a whole, as well as the other species that share this living world. This may seem farfetched , but all current indicators are telling us to do so.

Technology has a crucial role to play in this transition, but its power must be harnessed and mastered for ecological restoration and social evolution not for profit.

To build a regenerative society will require that we supersede the current global financial system, based on debt and compound interest, and use our social technologies to devise an economic system that supports healthy lifestyles and patterns of behavior.

How do we transform our social system to create a resilient or regenerative global society? What kinds of changes will be necessary? These questions must be asked, even as they shake the very foundation of our society…precisely, because they do.

For example, we must ask whether we want to reformed capitalism by enforcing it to become a “conscious capitalism.” By placing a World Aid Commission on all High Frequency Trading, on all Sovereign Wealth Funds Acquisitions, on all Foreign Exchange Transactions over ( 20, 000 $), on all Arms sales. ( See previous posts) Transitioning

Humanity has overlaid roads, train tracks, fiber optics, urban and suburban sprawl, across the surface of the planet. We have also constructed a global communication infrastructure, like a planetary nervous system, that allows humanity to communicate instantly, from anywhere across the globe.

If we can marshal our resources to confront the ecological mega-crisis, we can define a path beyond it that integrates cradle-to-cradle principles, biomimicry, and other principles that are symbiotic with nature, eventually producing abundance for all, while enhancing the health of the biosphere.

What sustainability seeks to sustain, above all, is some version of our current way of life, even though the evidence is totally overwhelming that it cannot continue.

Living processes, generally, don’t just endure or persevere. Life either flourishes and blooms, evolves and transforms, or it stagnates and dies. The rhetoric of sustainability tends to support the belief that our current form of post-industrial capitalism can be reformed — that it can persist, in something close to its present order.

If you take the time to look closer on today’s situation, through the veil of ignorance, it becomes apparent that most of our worldviews are still based on lies and that fear and lies are the prominent method of control today.

We are shortly going to witness the election of a new US president in a country where military expenditures dwarf the rest of the world but 1 in 5 U.S. children go hungry every night.

What do we see:  A rich blowhard running for president. Tech-bro execs hoping to splinter off into their own anything-goes fiefdoms.

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Technology has been the leading engine of change for the past 100 years and will continue to do so.  The battle for the living room is currently in a full-out war between the leading tech companies – Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, Netflix.

Facebook has surpassed the country of India, making it now the second largest country in the world.

This is creating a world where people think that they are engaged. A social and virtual world that is now just a marketing tool.


In my view, the current language around climate change and its solutions is totally inadequate.

To motivate us to start the change we need to understand the root of today’s problems and see the ruling structures for what they are, and see how we all are a part of that structure.

Around the world, millions of children are trapped in an intergenerational cycle of disadvantage.

Is it time to abandon the concept altogether, or can we find an accurate way to measure sustainability? If so, how can we achieve it? And if not, how can we best prepare for the coming ecological decline?

The main difference of today’s way of manipulating the society is that the controlling powers choose to be hidden and are no longer showing their glory to the people. Instead they have made an illusion that the power is located in the hands of the democratically elected governments.

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With so much labeled as sustainable, the term has become  essentially sustainababble, at best indicating a practice or product slightly less damaging than the conventional alternative.

We are in dire need of a large dose of Empathy and honesty:

Empathy transcends all the properties of the esoteric power structures.

Empathy means to try to understand and listen to the feelings and needs of ourselves and others.

Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.Regenerative