On January 20, 2017, if Trump is sworn in as the 45th president, he would suddenly gain control of the world’s most powerful military force.Afficher l'image d'origine

This is not just an American problem. Donald Trump is a threat to the entire planet.

It’s probably time to stop laughing. Trump is an authentic American and he represents the face of authentic America. It’s gone from funny to, wow, this is really scary. But nobody is losing too much sleep:

Such an event could not be happening at a better time. The world is still feeling the effects of the capitalist mainframe gone haywire. Trump has been ranked the sixth greatest threat to the global economy, putting him level with jihadi terrorism.

We, all of us, have underestimated Trump every step of the way.

The bottom line now regardless is that voters have a chance to elect Donald Trump in November. “That’s how Mussolini got in, that’s how Hitler got in.”

Money, Money, Money, it’s all about money.  He is apparently worth an estimated 8.7-10 billion dollars.

Sounds hard to believe doesn’t it?

A nation that elected its first black president just eight years ago will now rush to embrace a man who has offended Mexicans, Muslims and others. The possibility that Trump might actually win fills great swaths of the planet with dread – with the apparent and notable exception of Vladimir Putin’s Russia – with concerns over everything from trade to the nuclear trigger.

Donald Trump, the man who calls Mexicans rapists, promises to ban Muslims from entering the country, considers women little more than objects, refuses to reveal his tax returns, has never even heard of America’s nuclear deterrent, and calls for an end to the minimum wage, is doing so well that some already have him beating one of the best-known and more qualified politicians on Earth.

On top of his notorious pledge to ban Muslims, the candidate suggested that America would stop buying Saudi oil unless Riyadh provided troops to fight Isis he promised on Thursday to pull the United states out of the UN global climate accord. and to approve the Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada. He received loud applause from the Oil Executives.

If it was not for the Constitution you would define America as a sick sick country and by historical definition the United States today is a tyranny where a swaggering billionaire is taking advantage of a “naive America”making an important contribution to anti-American sentiment around the world.

If another American president would invade Panama, would invade North Korea, would invade Vietnam, that would give China superpower status because America would weaken itself. During the election campaign, Trump has repeatedly bashed China.

If he does win he will be different surrounded by advisers telling him what to do.

First thing he should do is pull down the Statue of Liberty and erect a Selfie. Afficher l'image d'origineStatue of Liberty Inscription


And replace the Plaque with:     Gone to lunch.

It’s a huff choice. Afficher l'image d'origine




But you can rest assured you have seen nothing yet.