The main reason for Britain joining the EU was for the economic benefits, so obviously it shows that in the age of globalisation and increased competitiveness, Britain cannot act alone.

Perhaps IS BEST THAT we look at it from the EUROPEAN SIDE.

Why because there are two EUs in Britain.Afficher l'image d'origine

One is bashed in the Sun and the Daily Mail every day for ripping off Britain, sending over hordes of unwanted migrants, and forcing Brits to eat regulation square tomatoes.

The other is so deeply embedded in the UK’s legislation, business, trade, and foreign policy that most people do not notice it’s there.Afficher l'image d'origine

So what if any effect will there be on the EU if England votes to leave or stay.

The EU will lose some membership fees provide less for its members at a higher cost.

If Britain leaves it will be  easier for other countries to insist on their own special exceptions – for example, to the deficit and debt “requirements” established in the Maastricht Treaty – Brexit could pose serious problems for the EU’s future evolution.

Both Britain and the EU will It will a portion of their trading market which in turn, will weaken the Europe’s economic region.

The EU will save billions in EU subsidies to English farmers and lose some fishing rights.

The EU could counter one of England’s most controversial provisions to stay in ( Britain to withhold in-work benefits from EU migrants who have been there for less than four years) by increasing trading tariffs.

If it leaves or stays the EU will have to own up to its failures, damaging the political idea of the EU and disturbing the self-satisfied dust that has settled over Brussels.

Britain if it stays in does not want to be committed to further political integration into the European Union which potentially lead other countries to reassess their own membership.

If it leaves the EU could charge the English for European visas unless the UK accepts free movement of people. A British builder, or scholar, or artist, or businessman, does not need a special permit to live in Paris, Barcelona or Berlin.

Britain was one of the founders of the European Court of Human Rights in 1959. These rights were established by the European Convention on Human Rights, signed by Britain and much influenced by British jurists. An English withdrawal from the European Arrest Warrant could mean it takes longer to extradite suspects from other European countries.

Then there is Sterling; If it leaves it will become more volatile, trade flows may be diverted or delayed, and some investment in British trade-related industries would be put on hold.

And of course Sovereignty. It is not absolute, inside the union or outside it. Just look at Facebook transferring all your personal data to American Servers.

You if you have not noticed are living in world where Data is King.

One more thing worthy of note. Not Immigration, Not the NHS, Not the lack of housing, not the strain on Services, ENERGY.


There would be no more complaints from Britain against member states if they feel their rights have been breached.

It could save funds by the cancellation of UK European Health Insurance Cards.

It Britain goes the EU will have to admit that its hard-and-fast ground rules in order for states to participate, — say, keeping below a maximum debt level in order to retain membership in the euro zone have being broken willy nilly. Its member states of today have pretty much broke every one of these rules.

Already, EU members – especially the euro zone countries – have been avoiding concrete action to resolve their interdependent economic, social, banking, debt, and currency crises.

If the vote is for out a future re-entry, if desirable, would be difficult to negotiate (perhaps especially given European leaders’ desire to deter other member states from following the UK’s example).

The choice comes down to : Do you want to be a hostage to the bloc’s failing fortunes? or wallowing in memories of faded pomp and circumstance.

The Question is: To be or not to be “European.”

You are right to say that the EU is not worth staying in without fundamental reform.

And reform cannot be achieved from without.

Will Britain leave the European Union?https://youtu.be/VDij4vbS5ng