We live in an imperfect world.  Poverty, disease, lack of education, environmental destruction –

If you Google what is wrong with the World you will get realms on what is wrong without any resolutions.

The problems are obvious the solutions are not so.

Now don’t get me wrong the Internet has opened my eyes to all sorts of problems, but I see the same world as I saw before, but I see it in a different light.

Some thins which lay in the shadows have begun to glow and other things that seemed so important have become faded and dim. My values have begun to turn inside out and now I locate my home in myself, one voice that might change another.

There is so much communication these days nobody has time to listen.

Nobody is any longer quite sure what is true or untrue.

If we want to achieve anything, what, in the world, would we have to change?  We need to see what is happening without illusion.

Can we do anything about it?

This is the answer — We will have to change.  Not just the world around us, but we, ourselves. Not just the way we think about the world, but the way we are — our very biology.

You may think that this is impossible but it will not be long before we will have to say hallow to a new species of Sapiens that have had their DNA tweaked. Its called CRISPR. https://youtu.be/SuAxDVBt7kQ

If you think we got problems wait until we have designer babies playing God driven by Gene Drive for lack of a better word.

There are sure to be a few rogues.

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Therefore there is no better time to star teaching how much we have in common and to accept an opinion other than our own. 

The source of every single problem in this world, past, present, or future, can be traced to a lack of or miscommunication. To how things are split. Gene splitting combined with Artificial Intelligence will be the final straw that breaks the camel back. 

Back to the present.

You cannot accomplish peace with war and you can’t have peace during war.

You would think with all the advances in communication we would have a greater understanding of the world problems. The opposite is truth.

As communication improves the options for encouraging obnoxiousness get ever more widespread.

As I see it there is a need for this to be corrected if we are to evolve at all as a species.

This can only be achieved if what is posted and spread by Social Media carries the same labeling that our food is required to carry on its packaging. Green for true, Yellow it needs authentication, Red false.

Another words we must force the function of the Internet to marry together the true reality of this world and the reality of the next.

How are we to know the actual intentions of people unless they communicate them in an effective way?

If everyone could just say what they mean and mean what they say, we’d all be better off.

Just look at the mess we are all in.Afficher l'image d'origine

There is no room for The Manichean (which is an old religion that breaks everything down into good or evil. It also means “duality,” so if your thinking is Manichean, you see things in black and white. Life can be divided neatly between good or evil, light or dark, or love and hate. ) a view of the world that is self-justifying.

For example if the US, the West and Israel stand for democracy and individual liberties against totalitarianism (fascist, communist or Islamic), then their struggle is inherently just.

If the West burnt fossil fuels to achieve economic growth are we not obligated to compensated the rest of the world for not doing so.

The solution is: As I have posted on several occasions.


Taking Syria as another example.

The roots of problem lie in Inequality of Capitalism that has given birth to all that went before the war.

Oil for Money, Oil for Arms, Oil for natural resources, Oil for the Stock Exchange, Oil wealth for the few. Oil for political Power. Oil for Sovereign Wealth Funds that plunder the world. Oil for Water. Oil for technology. You could say Oil for life.

It is now not merely a struggle between civilizations, but for civilization against totalitarian barbarism.

As oil is running out why do we turn a blind eye to Saudi Arabia Oil beheadings in order to bomb ISIS. The answer is Money.

Naturally, the defenders of democracy are entitled to use force. The loss of life on both sides is to be blamed on those who threaten the Western way of life.

This is called collateral damage so as not to upset us. Its proper name is killing innocent bystanders.

We often hear that the West should encourage Muslims to adopt its values, but “the choice is their own.” That is, the burden is upon them to demonstrate their fitness to participate in international society, and the West will render judgment in accordance with its own criteria.

This attitude relieves the West of any sense of responsibility for current conditions in the Islamic world or elsewhere whether for imperialism, capitalism, short-sighted Western support for repressive regimes in the region or anything else.

The Middle East result purely from the unwillingness of Arabs and Muslims to face facts and look beyond grievances. This combined with the settlement of Jews in Israel how are unwilling to offer full citizenship to encourage a one state solution and the dismantling of its Berlin Wall.  It is one thing to argue that culture matters. It is quite another to argue that it is all that matters. 

The Arabs never have and never will like Jews simply because of a lack of communication. Why do they hate each other? We don t know, and neither do they probably.

Just because some Arab s great-great-great grand-uncle took some Jews great-great-great grand cousins goat that means that they have to kill each other today.

However no problem is simple. Until such time as the Muslim world makes the correct ideological choice, the West may have no choice but to vigorously confront its enemies.

It seems we have forgotten that not every answer lies in the barrel of a gun.

The past 50 years we have witnessed an important rapprochement between history and the social sciences, which has transformed history as a discipline.

“Modern Western man, being unable for the most part to assign a dominant and central place to religion in his own affairs, found himself unable to conceive that any other people’s in any other place could have done so, and was therefore impelled to devise other explanations of what seemed to him only superficial phenomena.”

That such an antiquated view of history could appeal to so many in the policy making world  indicates just how fully we are committed to a cataclysmic conflict with the Islamic world.

It is hard to avoid the conclusion that such a conflict is exactly what Bernard Lewis and his disciples desire, and that they just may succeed in provoking it. ( According to Bernard Lewis, this is not Islam itself that is an obstacle to modernization but an error of assessment on the causes of the decline of the Middle East, which locks people into a too mentality victims, seeking among other reasons for the failures of their country.)

All wars end with the residue of another war.

The next generation has already fallen to its knees and given up the fight when it hasn’t even begun.

Our planet is slowly dying and we are the reason the blame for its slow demise.

We fill her oceans with black poison. We fill her skies with acid. We cut down all the trees she spent years to grow. We cover her soil with blood and we use her as our own personal dump.

We need to forget our differences…it does not matter the color of your skin, where you were born, the way you talk or even the way you walk…cause we are all the same…we are all human beings.

But it’s the smallest variations that make us the most unique species on this planet. Yes there’s a lot wrong with the world but only we can change those wrongs into rights.

We have the power, we have the voice, we have the will and we have the choice.

Miscommunication passed down through generations leads to deep seeded differences between people who wouldn’t normally have any qualms with each other.

The key to a better future for the entire world population lies in giving priority to the development of human capabilities.

There is little point in the Paris Climate Change Conference agreeing to some international package if we ignore the underlining problems that produce Wars.  Inequality :

The immediate priority must be universal primary and secondary education – all children in school at least through to age 15 – everywhere in the world.

Health span is a big and urgent thing, because if you’re not alive, then all the other things will be to little avail.

Existential risk is also a threat to human survival, or to the long-term potential of our species.

If governments are serious about achieving their aims, they must base their decisions on hard evidence and not received wisdom.

Governments need to find better ways of measuring progress than simply looking at wealth.

We must put a stop to the free-for-all out on the oceans to have any chance of saving their riches from the ravages of climate change.

Another words we must put a stop to Profit for Profit Sake.Afficher l'image d'origine