We don’t have to be united. We don’t have to agree. We don’t always have to “stand together,” even.  If one thing changes everything will change.

We do however have to live on the same planet with conflicts of ideologies political, or religious.

Our painting now has all its elements Money, Religion, the Gun, Humanity, Earth and Woman,and it need of completion, framed and displayed.

Before we go any further if there is an Artist out there and a Sponsor or rich person that wants to do something with this piece of incredible art, fee free to do so on a crediting me with the concept.

We have placed Woman sitting on top of Earth which is represented by a background wash of intense color that shines through a transparent wash of humanity. She is sitting with her back to us. We have then peppered our canvas with the gun, money and religion.

The question is how do we make all the elements come together.Afficher l'image d'origine

Rather than the usual frame we are going to use a circular frame which will be hung in a large Plexiglas dark glass Pipe. The pipe to represent tunnel vision.

We will fill the pipe with crystal clear waters the source of life and illuminate it with pulsing white light from back-end.  This will simply enhances the natural beauty of our painting which is hidden in the transparent wash of humanity.

Light in general changes as it penetrates into the ocean., which is exactly what to achieve with our painting of the world. Placing the viewer in the euphotic zone.

Because all life in the oceans is ultimately dependent upon the light which is selectively scatters and absorbs in water it will act as a filtration of the viewers wavelengths of visible.

Our Pipe will be suspended from the ceiling at the height of an average person.

This will represent Space in which our planet exists. It will also create a clear space for the viewer cutting out any peripheral distractions.

The viewer will be invited to take a set of earphone, because sound is the one element we could not capture on canvas.

The CD will reflect the sounds that are relevant to our elements in the composition.

The “goodness” of sound is a totally scientific and quantifiable thing that allows no room for personal preference, bias, or interpretation. Its heard in a thousand different directions.

There you have it.

I hope the this series of posts has led you through the looms of life that has made our world so difficult to live as one family of humans.

We can only hope with these many-coloured skeins, may we weave the pattern of or spiritual tapestry to give covering for lives yet unborn.

When you don’t know how to do something; where the first place you turn?

The internet Right?

It doesn’t help you truly.

All it takes is for you to imagine the average human being is like you.

If you can do that, you make a better world, and a more difficult one for groups like ISIS to exist in.

The international community is by now quite experienced in pretending that the massive humanitarian crisis exists in some acceptable and remediable form, destined to improve with time.

Insisting on the humanity of the victims is also a political act, and as tragedy is spun into civilisational conflict or an excuse to victimise those who are already victims, it’s a very necessary one.

The world has been encouraged in this dangerously expedient ignorance by the media. The history of misrepresentation is long and ugly.

“Entire generations may be lost” It requires a willful blindness not to see what is occurring.

Don’t close your eyes to the truth. The truth is difficult to accept at

times. This is a humanitarian crisis !! not just caused by Climate

Change but by Greed. (see previous posts)