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All the festivities of Christmas and the New year are over.

It’s the start of another year and I am sure like me there are many of you afraid to ask ” Am I going to make it to the End of the Year.

The answer I hope is Yes.

We all know that new racial tensions are rising and finding expression in violence.

However the Deserts of Technology are just being created.

Some of us will lose our jobs, other will find new jobs but you can rest assured in this part of the world that technology will become more and more pervasive and that you are slap bang in the middle of incredible change, with unprecedented breaches in personal data leading this charge. 

Now all of this has happened before and the nature of man has not changed nor will it change.


Because no matter what technology we invent Greed has an eye on it.

Because as before we are not ready for the changes to come.

Because we are unwilling to except that the smart machine era will be the most disruptive in the history of IT and most of us have no concept of the disruption it will be causing in Industry after Industry.

The cost of production is becoming less than the cost of human labor.

So my advice is to wake up if you have not already done so.

The advent of dump down intelligence ( The game Angry Birds was downloaded over a million times in the first 24 hours it was available on Android devices. Seven months later the game had been downloaded more than 200 million times.) is on us and soon it will be everywhere.  Your prosperity or happiness you can rest assured will be a long way down the list of things to be achieved in the Capitalistic World of 2015.

The concept of peace is easy to grasp; that of international security is more complex even if the revolution in communications has united the world in awareness, in aspiration and in greater solidarity against injustice.  We are all being turned into non sustainable commodities.

If you don’t believe me answer a few of the following:

What will the Chinese Economy do when it is replaced by 3 -D Printing?

( The growth of the 3-D printing market is to increase at a compound rate of 23 percent—to $8.4 billion—by 2020, with expansion into areas such as architecture, medical products and jewelry design. Physical and online retailers are expected to market 3-D printing technology, undoubtedly one of the most exciting topics of discussion for technology enthusiasts in the coming year, and one that will eventually result in more innovative and productive outcomes.)

The office robotics market is growing seven times faster than the market for manufacturing robots.  Not long now before the remote worker population will include some 43 percent of all U.S.

What will the world of Finance do when it is radical changed and replaced by Crowdfunding? (The recently announced acquisition of the venerable New York Stock Exchange by the upstart Intercontinental Exchange. Shows that the residual value of the NYSE would appear to be largely in its brand.)

What will our Health Organisation do when we are all wearing attachable Health Monitoring sensors that will monitor our health feeding its data back to AI -based physicians who will understand your genomics sequence data. (We wont need doctors for day-to-day medical advice nor surgeons as all basic operations will be performed by Robotic Surgeons perhaps owned by GOOGLE or some other I Cloud based operator.)

What will our Energy companies do when we reach Grid parity i.e. When it becomes cheaper to produce your own energy than it is to buy from the grid.

What will our communication companies do when all communications will be done thorough free with WiFi networks. (Long distant calls are all ready dead with Skype.)

What will our Political leaders do when power rests with Social Media, Sovereign Wealth Funds and Big Data.

At present, mobile devices outnumber the total population of the planet, which indicates that in the near future every device having an IP address will have the capability to connect with others and be controlled from other devices through internet enabling firms to quickly and cost effectively realize more value from structured and unstructured information.

The Internet of Things (IoT) will generate revenue exceeding $300 billion worldwide by 2020, with some 26 billion devices connected to the IoT.

As modern devices like mobiles, cameras, wearable gadgets, sensors, and cloud based services, social networking etc use and produce data that can be translated into information for its users, this also calls for provisioning for storage of petabytes and terabytes of data in a secured and a usable format to be able to turn it into meaningful insights. (2014 has been a wake up call for those outside the world of cyber security.)

As technology gains its presence in almost every aspect of human life, it will be crucial for nearly every application to include analytic’s to filter out the colossal amounts of information, known as big data, generated by daily activities and engagement with technology, web and social media, reaping its benefits.

Just look at Twitter today the company boasts more than 200 million active users and half a billion tweets a day. It is destabilized everything from the news and information ecosystem to unpopular national governments.

2015 it will present some of the greatest challenges and threats to advancing technology. In a age where Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, internet fads (or “memes”) can infect the whole world in a matter of days our World Organisations are becoming obsolete.

The numbers are staggering: Among the billions of hours of videos that are now available over the Web, an estimated 100 million users around the world watch at least one online video every day.

Where does all of this leave us?

If you asked me the truth is, we don’t know, don’t have any idea. we don’t know when we started doing many of the things we’ve done. we don’t know what we are doing right now or how or present actions will affect the future. what we do know is that there is only one planet to do it on and on it one species of being capable of making a considered difference.

We have arrived at this position in a stunningly short time, and we are really at the beginning of it all.

With the merging of the real and virtual worlds the robotics industry will increase at a rate of more than 20 percent in next five years with advanced algorithms that will allow systems to understand their environment, learn for themselves, and act autonomously,

But Technology has a blind spot.

Our identities as humans are each and every day being eroded. Progress is also bringing new risks for stability: ecological damage, disruption of family and community life, with greater intrusion into the lives and rights of individuals.

With the merging of the real and virtual worlds the robotics industry will increase at a rate of more than 20 percent in next five years with advanced algorithms that will allow systems to understand their environment, learn for themselves, and act autonomously.

The accepted notions on how to eradicate poverty is being Challenged by the rapid transformation of Financial trading from physical to electronic,

If we are not to drive the world into unbridled Inequality we need to for once in its history Cap Greed ( see previous Posts) and stop Privatization for the sake of profit.