Here is your New Year Resolution’s.

My purpose in life is to create something of beauty and meaning that will change the world for the better. My life is made more meaningful by sharing my skills and resources to help marginalized and powerless people.

I’m better as a “do-er”.

What you most not do is to throw up our hands in despair and believe that you can do nothing.

So where to start.?  How about with my new year resolution.

” I really hope after reading this you’d get inspired to join a global war against Inequality.”

 We can change the moral landscape of our time. The global meltdown, the Euro zone crisis, and increased unemployment have all added to the rise in poverty around the world. It is obviously when people are desperate for work or food and are trying just to survive, they may agree to take risks that might make them vulnerable to being exploited.

Human capital takes many forms, including:

Terrorism.  • Labour exploitation, where victims suffer mental or physical abuse or threats. • Controlled or owned by their ’employer’, who may withhold pay and/or dehumanise. • Bought and sold as commodity, often in exchange for services or money. • Freedom of movement is restricted or victims are confined to their place.

One of the most important steps each and every one of us can take is to make sure we educate ourselves and inform others about how our actions can end modern-day slavery. The decisions and choices we make about the produce, clothes, and technology we buy have far-reaching impact on the lives of poor, vulnerable people across the world.

All of these and many other problems sets challenges for us all — for governments, for companies and for consumers.

 It is estimated that forced labor generates over $150 billion a year worldwide in illegal profits. Money made on the back of vulnerable people’s misery.

To put this amount into perspective, it is the same amount of money that the iPhone has generated in revenues since 2007! It’s more than the annual GDP of Rwanda, Iceland, Kenya, Jamaica and Croatia combined! The obscene amount of money generated by forced labor is one of the main reasons of why it’s so hard to eradicate.

It can be easy to fool ourselves into believing that slavery, while repugnant, has nothing to do with our own lives, that it has been either eradicated from all but the most remote places on Earth.

It’s not here a few examples

Thai fishing industry, a $7-billion business that provides seafood sold in major stores such as Walmart, Costco and Tesco across North America and Europe use forced labor on fishing boats and inhumane treatment of crew from neighboring countries like Cambodia and Myanmar.

There are 29.8 million people in the world waiting for a time when they no longer survive in slavery, but thrive in freedom. Slavery to exist today, in every country, 150 years after we thought it had been abolished.”

Europe is home to 1 in 8 trafficking victims.

India topped the Global Slavery Index 2013 with the highest number of enslaved people, estimated at 14 million, which is nearly half the total world-wide. The index indicates that India exhibits the “full spectrum” of the different forms of modern slavery.

The average U.S. citizen eats over 11 pounds of chocolate per year but many are unaware of the rampant practice of child slavery involved in more than 70 per cent of the world’s cocoa production.

In mines in eastern Congo, children work exhausting hours to extract minerals used in electronics industry.

Mauritania still has one of the highest rates of slavery in the world, with the U.S. Department of State estimating that up to 20% of the country’s population is enslaved.

There is only one way to make a change and that is to Cap Greed at the heart of Capitalism( See previous Posts)

Lets hear your views: Get involved don’t just tick the like box and close your mind.