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The bankers, the CEO’s are not vulnerable to the vote of the common people.
(which they both pay for)

In allowing the continuing privatisation of the Planet uncontested by any rival you might be leaf to think that 9/11 put god’s stamp of approval on Capitalism as a way of life.

But when you look at Africa you might ask is Capitalism turning it into the recycling bin of the world.

We are living in a system that can never be satisfied no matter what we do.

It seems that the entire neoliberal system is held together by what appears to be common sensical myths and deceits all happily coexisting in the commodification of our daily life.

Massive growth of corporate power; globalization is not as some abstract, independent, natural development process, but rather a ruthless, corporate driven extension of commodity production.

It knows of no boundaries or limits to its grand designs, to its gathering of wealth, privilege and power.

Reshaping every dimension of human activity, it is intensifying social divisions which will result in a nightmarish world, with the spread of ecological devastation that recognizes no territorial or cultural boundaries.

Most people, however remain in a state of numbing resignation.

This may be true, but if we are to reevaluate the meaning of democracy we must find a way of making Capitalism responsible.

No better place to start than with Sovereign Wealth Funds capitalism’ s suicidal attempt to colonise nature, and privatize the world. It proceeds as yet unchecked.

I have said in previous blogs that we are incapable due to the God of Greed to acting as one.

If we do not cap the activities of these funds there will be nothing left that you can call FREE other than God.