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There is no economy without the environment.  For that matter there is no anything.

By this I mean there’s is no question about it, if we turn a blind eye that is what we will have –  Nothing.

There is no need for absolute knowledge for science to come to this truth.

Common Joe Soap can tell you.

There are no thresholds when it comes to Nature.

The Downwinders ( people who have been exposed to fallout from nuclear tests) found out that there is no such thing as teetering on a threshold.

We are being told that the two big ice sheets on the globe are melting.

So for crying out loud are we all sleepwalking.

Like when we obliged the Large global Oil companies by putting a Tiger in our tanks that turned out to be tetraethyl lead a nasty environmental toxin.

Science is about a gradual convergence on the truth. Capitalism is about Profits for profit sake.

At this point it is irrelevant what the scientists don’t know we must a new creationist strategy to tackle climate change. This change can not be achieved without removing poverty in all its forms along with all our other World problems caused by man’s Greed.

We must stop the privatisation of the planet by Sovereign Wealth Funds, and get capitalism to pay for what we value by placing a World Aid tax on all Stock Exchange transactions world-wide. ( see Previous Blogs)