Luckily non of us have a crystal ball, so all our new year resolutions are a stab in the dark.

We don’t know what the future holds. Most of us live out our lives on the  assumption that I am alright Jack here to-day gone to-morrow. Very few of us can make a mark that counts World wise.

Now you can make your voice heard with the power of your Mobil phone your new I pad and it is needed more than ever in the age of globalization than ever before if we are to achieve some common values. If we are to know what to expect of each other.

If we are to share principles by which to manage our differences without the need to resort to violence.

Our lives are effected by things we say or do on the far side of the planet.  This goes for local communities and national countries.

The history of the civilization goes back before the invention of writing. The history of the World Wide Web goes back as far as the ” Logic of Joe”, which in 1990 turned into CERN – Dot-Com, Boom&Bust, Google, Amazon , E Bay, My Space, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pay Pal, Cloud. No one will remember the internet in a few thousand years from now.

What they will remember is how the world they live in turned a blind eye to rampant Greed, Profit for Profit sake.

How Sovereign Wealth Funds came to own the earth and all its resources.

2013 has been a fantastic year for the SWF. They have surpassed $6 trillion in assets. From the start of 2008 until Christmas 2013 they have grown by 87.4%, with a significant portion of the largest funds hanging out in London.

Now your might be saying why do I care.

As I have said in previous postings the key thing to remember that these funds are not subject to any long-term objectives, they have no frontiers, little or no transparency, no accountability, are a danger to human rights, and if not stopped will eventually own the air we breath.

So as you don’t think this is all bull shit here are a few examples of what they have being up to in the last few months.

The Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) is buying up real estate in India. Norway’s SWF joined hands with Prologis Inc to acquire 45% interest in a 12.8 million square foot portfolio of Industrial & Logistic properties in the USA. The Toronto based Sprott Consulting Lp the private unit of Sprott Inc has been awarded to co -manage a 10 year $375 million private equity fund by the Korea’s National Pension Service.

I won’t clog you receptive neurons with more examples its sufficient to say that I will place the spot light on them later. My point here is that if we are to address  the plundering of the world for profit at the sake of continuing poverty we must make ourselves heard before it’s too late.

With power of Mobil phones a few small steps have being achieved.

The World of the poor is communicating with each other cutting out corruption, getting rid of Dictators, and the like. This expresses an optimistic vision but it is not a description of the existing realities.

The roots of world greed started with the Farmer. He prompted a division of labour, storing food that led to a rise of a leisured upper class- cities some 3000BCF ago.

The root of world problems now lies in our inability of doing more than sticking an  Elastoplast on every disaster. We must tap into the holy grail of profit and make it donate whether it want to or not by placing an Commission on all it’s form of accumulation.