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Christmas over.

The frenzy of targeted appeals – Save a Child, Save a Tiger – Donate a Five a week all fought it out on our TV sets against a Lotto prize of $ 690,000,000 for funds.  The United Nations launched yet another appeal only to have its eyes opened to the power of the Mobil Phone, the Hash Tag, Twitter, Face Book, the Social Media all in the name of a French Man named David Guetta (THE WORLD NEEDS MORE+YOUR WORD.

How many times did you use your smart phone, you Ipad. Dont worry. There are Six billion plus Christmases to go before we are all fried by the Sun.

Science tells us it all started with a Big Bang, but who or what lit the fuse in the vast void?

Was it gravity squeezing what is now called Dark Matter or the other way around?

No one knows as neither Gravity or Dark matter are fully understood. There are better men than I to explain the quandary.  If you ask yourself what is holding the whole lot in place and you come up with the answer Nothing. Your are back to square one. What is nothing. No beginning to end.

You might be asking where am I going with this. The answer is nowhere. I am muddled Personified.

However Considering that I fell out of a tree some two hundred thousands ago, went on walk about , turned white or black depending whether I turned north or south, invented language as I was fed up of grunting, got tired of hunting, started bartering, got wealthy, became greedy and powerful ,invented religion to control the masses, went to war in the name of my god or gods, learnt nothing , died, I am not surprised I am still muddled.

In the six billion left, and it will take all six there is hope that it will all be sorted out. (Not by us but by what we now called Artificial Intelligence which will in time turn into intelligence once it sorts out the human viruses and removes its self from human interference.)

Then and only then will Victory over greed become a reality. In the meantime as we all becoming more and more disconnected in preparation for AI. Those of us left not yet google or goggled boxed, that appreciate mapping the Milk-Way, have an obligation to all before us and all to come to give dignity to Life. Without it we leave the faith of our world to chance.

Join in the battle: Put you smart phone to work. (see previous posts)

Be an inspiration and tell me I am bonkers to try to get A WORLD VOICE THAT WILL HAVE TO BE HEARD.  Remember that reality will pay you back for whatever seeds you’ve sown and that silence witness to poverty makes you a contributor. . Happy new year.