Christmas, is just around the corner so I won’t spoil it for you by rattling on about Poverty.

Globalization has brought us closer together. We are now all effected by each others actions, but not in the sense that we all share the benefits, and the burdens.

It is my contention that we are allowing the internet, Google to drive us further apart.

Increasing the disparities in Wealth and power both between Societies, and within them.

To days threats are deeply interconnected feeding of each other. The misery of people caught in wars, in extreme poverty, increases the attraction to terrorism.

We must have global values to binds us together, to fulfill basic human rights and human needs.

The fact is all of us are vulnerable.

My Christmas wish to all is express in Resolution 55/2 United Nations.

May what ever God you BELIVE in hold you in the palm of his or hers Hand.