(  Six minute greeting )

It would be fair to say that this century has eclipses a hundred previous centuries in terms of human accomplishments raised billions out of abject poverty and starvation.  At the same time with smart phone, profit seeking algorithms, expanding inequality, and more and more wars that one could count on one hand our world is in a mess.

2022 was a transformative year for technological innovation and digital transformation, but it seems that we are sad creatures looking into our phones, like snow whites wicked step-mother whispering to ourselves.

Mirror mirror on the wall who knows best in all the world.

So as social media compresses opinions, and everything becomes a sound bite, yet allows wild variations, and science advances, the speed of interaction increases magnifying the forces coming at you to the point you have not time to weigh your decisions, it is not surprising as time moves, that to reverse climate change, it is going to required an excellent moral compass and a world wide plan, yet to be achieved.

 We are divided on race, faith, income, gender, age, politics, and we can’t agree on anything except that we disagree with the other one…

Not to worry, we have Artificial Intelligence.

It was designed for automation activities like emulation, speech recognition, learning, planning, problem solving, but it is changing how we do business, how we plan, how we design.

It is now in marketing banking business accounting, public safety, retail, education, public transport. It can predict millions of protein structures. It can write its own code creating its own language. Its not yet quite sentient but its on track to be. It will extend the human brain capacity and memory,  with brain/computer interfacing,  with neuromorphic chips and brain mapping to read thoughts all connected to the cloud.

There is the question of how all this technology, Internet of things, 5G, Space, Genomics, Synthetic Biology, Automation, Augmented Reality, Robotics, Material Science, Computer technologies, will fuse together.

So lets look at a few of the above:


Now has biological products instead of number using DNA, and will no doubt be able to store the DNA of living cells.

This is where the recent RNA vaccinations, to fight Covid came from.  RNA vaccines are a new class of vaccines that are composed of an mRNA sequence coding for a pathogen-specific protein (antigen). Once expressed in the body, the target antigen is recognized by the immune system, leading to the induction of desired immune responses. Rather than a passive observer they instructs the immune system.  There is now a race to develop this type of vacation to cure everything from a common cold to cancer.

We have Photonic & Optical Computing using optical pluses rather tan electrical transistors, which will be a million times faster than existing technologies.

Then there is Chemical Computing. not quite there yet. Using sub- atomic particles to process data inputs.

And of course Quantum Computing.  We are well on the path to a quantum era.


The face of emerging technology, automating manufacturing farming warehouses functions, hospitals security now aided by machine learning and machine vision to mend its self.

Advanced Materials and 3 d printing.

Enabled by AI we might see self healing and self assembling materials. Bioprinting human organs.

Could we evolve ourselves out of existence.

There’s one thing that they all have in common: In addition to shaping our lives over the past decade, they’re paving the way for how we live in the future.

ONE WAY OR THE OTHER  better and worse life expectancy is increasing, but the number of years where we are healthy has decreased.

Eroding democracy turned into an a puppet show and young people don’t even understand the value of true democracy and the price people had to pay to achieve it.

The powers that be, the 1%, are transitioning the rest of humanity into techno feudalism, endless bankers bailouts, virtue signalling and zero transparency. And more wars.

Finding or showing love is not swiping right on an app or a short-form video.

Increasing economic disparity, greater levels of state violence, and criminals heading the three most powerful countries in the world.

So my Christmas greeting is not what is promoted by Advertising. Eat more, Eat now. Buy this or that online or off line. Not a electronic Xmas Card, a Twitter or a  Double Big Mac that’s emits as much CO2 as a 14.95 mile journey.

I hope you celebrate with kindness.  Be a Xmas drone and drop a present of a donation to a deserving Charity. 

Just before the year ends we have advances in three major areas – Medical – Energy – RNA vaccinations.

However if we continue in ignoring climate change which will undo all that progress and bring severe devastation to the planet, starving billions. Remember that you come into this world with nothing and you will be leaving with nothing other than you good deeds.

All return good wishes appreciated. All like clicks and abuse chucked in the bin

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