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LIKE ME I AM SURE IF YOU ARE A FOOTBALL FAN YOU ARE  ENJOYING THE WORLD CUP WITH ALL ITS SKILLS AND GOALS. The World Cup trophy is the most disappointing prize in sports — Quartz

For teams that dont win after extra time to be knocked out on penalties kicks is a tragedy in more way than one.

It would be much in the sprit of the game, if the competing teams were to decide the winner in this manner.

Rather then the penalty shoot out the pitch in halved by placing a new goalmouth on the half way line.

The goal keepers remain but the players are reduced to 6 aside.

If no goals are scored every ten minutes the teams are reduced by a player.

Like the shootout the team that first does two goals in front wins.

All human comments appreciated.  All like clicks and abuse chucked in the bin.

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PS:  A slight modification to the playing area so the fan can see the play.

Two New goalmouth facing each other in the middle on the touchlines, with touch lines marked across the pitch.

No offside rule.