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Liz Truss was just the last in line. For the past dozen years, each leader has left the country poorer, weaker, and more divided than the last.

In her departure, Truss offered little defence and no apology, confirming her unfitness for office. The fact that she got there at all only reveals the smallness of the regime that awarded her the role.

So now Britain is once again looking for a new prime minister. Johnson is said to be flying home from the Caribbean to enter the fray, dreaming of a Churchillian redemption. The two men who declared him unfit for office—Rishi Sunak and Michael Gove—now also have another shot at power.

The genesis of Britain’s misfortunes could be dated to 1929, when the world economy imploded and a monstrous regime of little men took over in London.

The next prime minister, whoever that may be, will face an extraordinary set of challenges largely of their Conservative Party’s own making.

But when did this era of the small people begin? What was its genesis?

Calamities are always seeded by events that came before.

Some will argue it was the 2016 vote for Brexit, but that lets off the hook those who legislated for it without any plan to enact it.

Major’s European compromise left Britain inside the European Union but outside its single currency.

Tony Blair came to power. Blair proved unable to change Major’s compromise and pursued instead a series of radical constitutional changes that slowly undermined the unity of the country he thought he was building.

Gordon Brown, Blair’s replacement, watched everything explode in the great financial crisis.

For the past 12 years, Britain has been led by a succession of Conservative prime ministers—each, like Russian dolls, somehow smaller than the last—who have contrived to leave the country in a worse state than it was when they took over. By the time Liz Truss assumed office last month, she evidently had no conception of the damage done by this period of Tory rule, how exposed Britain had become, how fragile, how vulnerable. Without Truss realizing it, Britain had become too weak to cope with a leader so small.

Britain is now permanently under the threat of breakup.

Cameron had to keep his promise of a referendum on Europe, lost, and resigned. As with the Scottish case, he had refused to countenance any preparations for the possibility of a winning Leave vote. Cameron left behind a country divided and a Parliament that did not want Brexit but was tasked with delivering it without any idea how. By any estimation, it was a catastrophic miscarriage of statecraft.

Brexit became Theresa May’s. May was a serious, qualified, thoughtful Conservative who had opposed Brexit but now assumed responsibility for it. But she was simply not up to the job. Being prime minister requires not just diligence and seriousness but political acumen and an ability to lead. She had too little of either.

In 2019, Boris Johnson finally grabbed the long-sought crown—only to find a way to lose it in disgrace three years later. Despite his brief tenure, Johnson remains one of the most influential—and notorious—figures in post-war British history. Without him, the country likely would not have voted for Brexit in the first place, let alone seen it pushed through Parliament.

Now, surely, it is time for the CONSERVIT party that enabled the guilty of today to heed advice:

In the name of God, go!

Diagnosing the problem is one thing, and finding a way to deal with it is another.

Misperceive the views of one’s rival  political identity is formed more by despising the other side than by any particular affinity for the views of one’s own party.

What is now evident beyond doubt is the need for a leader to acting on his beliefs, rather than talking about them to get out of schizophrenia of announcements while nothing moves at the level of the means.

The White Saviour Industrial Complex of London allows white people of privilege to brush aside systemic racism, injustice, and corruption in favour of individual acts of charity..

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