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We all know that when a war breaks out it does not take much time for it to escalate. 

The continued presence of US and Russian nonstrategic weapons on the European continent already poses a serious risk of “accidental use, miscalculation, and inadvertent escalation.

With Europe reduced to sanction spectator status in the face of a heightened possibility of a nuclear detonation on its doorstep. Even a cooperative European defense could do little to prevent a retaliatory nuclear response. 

Imagine a scenario – as in the past – in which Moscow misinterprets a conventional missile flight as nuclear.

Nuclear risk reduction is a common security interest of all states – one that transcends alliances and umbrellas, and even the geopolitical circumstances that have stagnated arms control and disarmament.

Putin knows that a nuclear war would not only be the end it would also ensure the destruction of Russia.

At a time when the nuclear risk on the continent is acute, European states have every reason to take the lead.

The prospects for the possibility of nuclear weapons use in Europe, whether intentionally or inadvertently must be avoided at all costs.   

So perhaps if Europe were to place all of its nonstrategic warheads in storage, this would allay the possibility that Moscow might misinterpret conventional missions in the first place.

Such a move by Europe would not send a message of weakness to Russia, rather it would give Putin a choice. Destroy Russia or not.   

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