Dear Primister Johnston,

Welcome back to the land of the living.

You are right to praise the treatment you received and to especially name, two NHS nurses who luckily were not born in England, who spoke English and did not look like letterboxes although you might have thought so.


At the moment all around the world leaders are discovering that leadership in the grip of the Coronavirus is a bit like trying to steer the Titanic; it will take some time and effort to radically change course.

Rarely can there have been a better exposition of personal experience informing a political view?

No longer are migrant workers nameless, but valued heroes on miserable wages.

Not too long ago, you were urged to make a full apology for “scapegoating migrants” after you claimed European citizens had been able to “treat the UK as if it’s part of their own country” for too long.

This happened in your lifetime, so you know about this.

While you are down in your country residence convalescing let me tell you as an intelligent man that Food Banks, People sleeping Rough, Charities begging for funds, people signing up for Universal Credit will ensure that there will be no speedy recovery in an isolation Brexit England.

Your county might have either invaded or colonized all but twenty-two countries in the world but days of invading other countries are over as are the days of undermining migrant workers.

Rule Britannia is over.

No matter what Churchill tones you adopt on your return to the house of common  England more than ever is going to need a collective view like the rest of the world to overcome the damage that Cov-19 has inflicted and to tackle climate change and the Next Pandemic.

Will, you now put the people before the economy.

Your inability to give a straight answer to a straight question is somewhat like -our pound-shop Donald Trump, a nasty piece of work.

Yes, your beating heart saved by two nurses, the point, however, is how you use this gift to inform your political views of a world that will not and can not return to isolation.

My own view is that I hope this reality will bite once you are back in NO10. 

So far we have had platitudes. More flimflam, and spin put on existing but re-branded arrangements, will not do. 

In the years to come your newborn will ask ” What did you do Daddy.

All the best for a fast recovery.


A concerned European citizen.