Take two bushels and a half of high-colored malt, three pounds of hops, two pounds and a half of treacle four pounds of coloring, two pounds and a half of liquorice root, one ounce of Spanish liquorice,- and of salts, slat of tartar, allum, capsium, and ginger of each a small quantity

The malt must be mashed in the same manner as in brewing ale, and the hops boiled also the same way: and when boiled, the other ingredients must be added.

Porter must be fined as soon as it has done working unless you intend to rack it off: in which case defer the fining until that time.

When you put in the findings, stir it well up with your staff, and let the bung remain out for nine or ten hours. – the butt must not be too full, for if there is not room for the porter to work, it will not readily go down.