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When nations emerge from the tragedy of the pandemic amid distressing human loss with there economy in ruins, they and history will seek to blame someone for the devastation. 

There are many factors other than the death toll that will determine this. 

They say that history is written by the victor but the lesson to be learned this time is humility.

Our glorious, multinational globalized, technological miracle- has been brought to its knees by a pathogen so tiny no one is able to see their complex structures until the last century.

History will show that we were mocked by a speck of nature that technically not alive.

 History will show that our addictive elixir, economic growth evaporation, and our only defense is social distancing.

History may well show that by suspending our entire way of life we saved lives but we will not have defeated COVID-19 as the virus exploits or togetherness mercilessly.

History will record a brutal fact that the virus ripped off our delusions of control of nature.

History will place the origins of the virus in Wuhan China.

It will show that integrating a communist dictatorship into a democratic world economy is a mug’s game.

It will show that Donald Trump is a pathological liar.  The virus is in a way a symbol of that reality.

When the masks are removed it will show that we were saved by a vaccine as there is no surrender.

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