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    ( TWELVE MINUTE READ)  It is now the general consensus that the world and the manner we live on it will change once this Coronavirus pandemic is over. The coronavirus has turned life upside down, and when it’s over—which seems far off and even worse, indeterminate—our lives will be changed permanently. the coronavirus pandemic has ruthlessly laid bare just how fractured our society is.  Living in the modern world, we have become disconnected from the basic processes that support our lives, as well as the beautiful fundamentals of science that enable you to relearn things for yourself – Google it. Leaving the current situation aside we are woefully unprepared for a world that is and going to be affected by climate change. A civilization is a complex human society which is very messy for the majority of the civilians. The word “civilization” relates to the Latin word “civitas” or “city.” The term “civilization” was often applied in an ethnocentric way, with “civilizations” being considered morally good and culturally advanced, and other societies being morally wrong and “backwards.”  Today’s modern definition is still in flux as the concept of “civilization” is hard to define. The problem is that most people have no clear understanding of what civilization is or, perhaps as important, what it isn’t. Wikipedia. According to this seemingly omniscient cyber-seer, civilization is defined most broadly as “any complex state-society characterized by a social hierarchy, symbolic communication forms (typically, writing systems), and a perceived separation from and domination over the natural environment”. How many of us would fight for civilization if we thought that we were fighting for the increasing complexity of the state and its social hierarchy? How many of the agrarians amongst us would fight for a civilization that defined itself as being separate from the natural environment and as seeking to dominate it? How many of us would fight for incessant urbanization, centralization, and the passive domestication of ourselves alongside the domestication of other organisms? How many of us had realized that being civilized was the willingness to make ourselves cattle in the service of increasingly complex social hierarchies? How many of us thought that civilization was marked by the sort of “specialization of labour” that had reduced human work to that of a disposable cog in an increasingly large and complex mechanism? How many of us guessed that civilization was defined by culturally ingrained progressivism and other supremacist ideologies? How many of us perceived that taxation was civilized and that increasing taxation was therefore and presumably a mark of increasing civilization? If this is civilization we would be justified in hoping that civilization would go to hell and that, indeed, we would be equally justified in believing that it was all too evidently going there. However, it is still a helpful framework with which to view how humans come together and form a society. All civilizations have certain characteristics. These include: (1) large population centres; (2) monumental architecture and unique art styles; (3) shared communication strategies; (4) systems for administering territories; (5) a complex division of labour; and (6) the division of people into social and economic classes. Again according to Wikipedia, “civilization” is merely an ideological construct of the eighteenth century! It is not a reality in itself but an idea by which an irreligious and irrational “rationalism” can explain and explain away, to its own prejudiced satisfaction, the history of human culture. This is how civilization is defined on the internet. Is civilization worth defending? Should we aim to conform to it so that we can be considered civilized? Maggie Thatcher once said that there is no such thing as a society.  How wrong she was What is civilization? It is the conforming of the heart of humanity – equality for all.   Culture is everything about human society, i.e. it refers to the knowledge and features of a specific group of people living in a region. Many forget that a culture is only as great as the rival cultures around it, and all history was written by the winners. So if we are to reinvent anything it won’t be civilisation, but the culture that makes us civilised that will have to change.  To do this we will have to ask what has been tried before and what the results were? What resources are available, what new theories are there?  WE CAN’T CHANGE ANYTHING UNTILL EDUCATION/ HEALTH IS FREE FOR ALL. WE CAN’T CHANGE ANYTHING TILL WE SHARE THE RICHES OF THE EARTH– FRESHWATER, FRESH AIR, GREEN ENERGY. ALL FOODS ARE NON-MODIFIED AND SOLD UNDER ITS NATURAL CONDITIONS.   WE CAN’T CHANGE ANYTHING UNLESS INEQUALITY DISAPPEARS. THE RICHEST 1% NOW OWN HALF OF THE WORLD’S WEALTH. THE GAP BETWEEN THE HAVES AND HAVE – NOT’S WHERE ONLY A FRACTION OF SOCIETY REAPS THE BENEFITS OF ECONOMIC GROWTH WILL HAVE TO BE TACKLED – THE BIFURCATED ECONOMY.  (Forty years of neoliberal policy means that wealthy individuals and large companies today have so much “surplus of capital” that they don’t know what to do with it. billions parkEed in tax havens.) WE CAN’T CHANGE ANYTHING TILL RACISM AND RELIGIOUS BIGOTRY IS ABOLISHED  WE CAN’T CHANGE ANYTHING BY CREATING LOTTO MILLIONAIRES WHILE SLUMS EXIST.  WE CAN’T CHANGE ANYTHING WHILE THE ARMS INDUSTRY EXISTS.  WE CAN’T CHANGE ANYTHING WHILE SOVERGIN FUNDS EXIST.  WE CAN’T CHANGE ANYTHING WHILE PROFIT SEEKING ALGORITHMS EXIST. WE CAN’T CHANGE ANYTHING TILL WE REALISE THAT EARTH COMES FIRST THEN ITS PEOPLE. WE CAN’T CHANGE ANYTHING TILL WE ACT AS ONE.    WE CAN’T CHANGE ANYTHING TILL ALL WORLD DEBT IS WRITTEN OFF. TOTAL PUBLIC DEBT WILL BE IN THE TRILLIONS. WORLDWIDE, THE TOTAL MOUNTAIN OF DEBT HAS REACHED A RECORD AMOUNT OF 322% OF THE WORLD GDP. WE CAN’T CHANGE ANYTHING TILL WE UNDERSTAND THAT ONE’S REACH MUST GO BEYOND ONE GRASP. THE CORONAVIRUS IS THE PERFECT TIME TO LAUNCH A NEW GREEN DEAL THAT IS AMBITIOUS ENOUGHT TO SAVE THE PLANET. NEVER MIND WORLD CONFERENCES TALKING ABOUT IT DO IT. THINK BIG. ACT NOW. TOGETHER.  WE CAN’T CHANGE ANYTHING UNTILL WE DO AWAY WITH DIVIDENDS AND REPLACE THEM WITH A BASIC LIVING INCOME. WE CAN’T CHANGE ANYTHING UNLESS WE REFORM THE UNITED NATIONS REMOVE THE VETO AND TURN IT FROM A BEGGING SHOP TO A FULLY FUNDED ORGANISATION WITH A PERTUPITUAL INCOME FROM A 0.05% WORLD AID FUND. ( See previous posts.) WE CAN’T CHANGE ANYTHING UNLESS WE CURBE CONSUMERISM AND MOVE TO SUSTAINABILITY.  WE’VE CONSUMED BEYOND OUR MEANS FOR A GENERATION AND NOW THE BILL IS COMING DUE SUDDENLY. WE CAN’T CHANGE ANYTHING WITH GDP AS OUR CULTURAL GOAL. WE CAN’T CHANGE ANYTHING WHILE WE TOLERATE ZOMBIE BANKS. NO FEWER THAN 147 INDIVIDUAL NATIONAL BANKS CRISES ACCURED BETWEEN 1970 AND 2011 ACCORDING TO THE IMF. IT’S TIME TO PUT THE BANKING SYSTEM IN GOVERNMENT HANDS AND TO DISMANTLE CASION CAPITALISM. My point is the pandemic and its aftermath will be super-consequential for how we live the rest of our lives. There will be implications across the board; for business,  government, culture, sports and the arts, as well as behaviour. It’s not too soon to think about that. Smartphones have given us an always-on connection to the world’s information but history develops our researching skills and our understanding of human behaviour. What we’ve done in the last generation is we’ve replaced normal human interactions and social capital with technology and money. And we’ve done that with a deleterious impact on our health and our happiness because technology and money hijack our brains in a stronger way than slow, kind of boring conversations do and yet that’s our heritage. Our culture is systems blind. Monetary stability, public safety and all manner of civilised goals have grown too complicated and big. The idea of the trickle-down effect of the free capitalist market is no longer true it continually funnels things towards the top.  It doesn’t speak to the bottom half of society now.   They say that the best things in life are free, that adage is only true if basic needs are covered. A lot of people are living paycheck to paycheck, week to week, month to month.  A universal basic income is the way to go.  A basic income that supports the bottom half of society with enough to pay for basic needs. There is no doubt that many businesses that are booming during the pandemic will continue to thrive. But we continue to look at issues like climate change or renewable energy or poverty and we don’t think of how everything fits together. And right now we’re lacking a map of how to go forward. No matter how this all unfolds, the biggest thing that’s going to contribute to better futures is social nodes of communication and social capital. WE CAN’T GO BACK JUST TO GO OUT AND HAVE AN ORGY OF CONSUMPTION AND BACK TO NORMAL WITHOUT LEARNING ANYTHING FROM THIS.  WE CAN’T ALLOW GOVERNMENTS TO BECOME AUTHORITARIAN. NOR ALLOW SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS TO REMAIN UNREGULATED. It is already clear that in future we will look back on 2020 as a turning point, the beginning of a new era. Will we ever shake hands again? Or hug? YES ON OUR TERMS.  NOT GREED AND EXPLOITATION  That’s where we’ve headed back to again if governments don’t cop on to the new slow world  And if you’re a super-rich person … instead of investing in the stock market, maybe take some of that money and invest it locally. All human comments appreciated. All like clicks and abuse chucked in the bin.

        .      The weather is extreme, with searing heat most of the day.    army was eventually left without wars to fight, religions with vague ‘new age’ beliefs, all of which eventually blended into a new religion,      Political Parties are abolished. Only Candidates can represent themselves in all elections.        I not only suggest and encourage constructive criticism