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The world as you know it is now ensnared in more ways than one.

We were slaves to our smartphones connected to the grid all the time, now we isolating. Suddenly the tide of prosperity and the speed of the modern world is now our inner selves with our nations coexistence’s at stake.

While world leaders and politicians flounder over masks and testing kits, the reconfiguration of what is considered normal it is going to take years with the like hood of a mother of all financial crises.

There will be ( and already is) staggering suffering and loss of life, with enormous economic devastation. IN FOUR MONTH COVID -19 HAS TRANSFORMED THE WORLD.


How things have changed?

Corralling wealth in the direction of the owners of capital is still the name of the game.

If ever-increasing levels of global inequality are not enough to prove it then let’s see your response to COVID-19 crises.

The list of global corporations giants making token contributions is pathetically long.

Amazon £3.9 million in the UK. Not bad for a company that has avoided over £100 million in taxes in the past ten years.

Gates foundation and Netflicks £100 million each.

Facebook. £25 million.

This is infinitesimal when the estimated that the bills will be trillions.

What we are seeing is large companies crying poor-mouth in the hope for taxpayers funded government bailouts.

Hypocrisy is rife.

Where is Apple, Microsoft, Coke Cola, Alphabet, Alibaba Unilever, Berkshire Hathaway, Tencent, Google, the Banks, Visa, JPMorgan Chase, the Oil companies, Johnson & Johnson, Football Clubs, Supermarket, that are making a killing, the Movie Industry, the Record Industry, Advertising Industry? 

Have they got anything more than warm words and good intentions?  

(Perhaps I am doing them an injustice. If different, please correct me)

After all, we are watching major Western economies running massive deficits.

The catastrophe is awaiting. 

The USA $1 trillion to $3 trillion which will be more likely be $5/6 trillion.

Many European countries up to 20% 0r 30% of GDP.

Even after the virus is tamed -and no one knows when that will be – the world that emerges will be choked with trouble as if it wasn’t beforehand.

Every inhabited part of the globe was and is already in trouble with climate change while we were lead to believe that globalization came with a built-in insurance policy against collective diaster.

Now where ever you look in the global economy we are seeing is in a broken world.

For any recovery as I have said before all of us must come to realize that one’s reach, must go beyond one’s grasp.

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