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This is not the subject of science fiction it is closer to fact than fiction with good new reasons to pay attention.

Epidemics are certainly not new or unpredictable. A new strain of the influenza virus occurs every 1-2 years. We know a pandemic has occurred every 10-50 years for the past few centuries, and the last one was in 1968, so we’re overdue one.

Epidemiologists have some time not being talking of whether there will be a new pandemic, but of when it will occur.

While we sit at home social media is now brings us dier warnings with alternative fact from all quarters of the world that are moving so fast it is hard to keep up or give a damn.

Restaurants have tons of unsold food while supermarkets struggle to stock their shelves. Brexit will have no bearing, the EU Stability pack is a joke.

Predictions are everywhere, but the coronavirus is going to teach us all that we need to look after the planet that we all live on. 

Over the past century, humans have been transforming the planet so profoundly that we are pushing it into a new geological era.

Previous pandemics had an environmental impact – loss of agricultural activity allowed forests to regrow, and their photosynthetic activity sucked so much carbon from the air it contributed to the regional cooling. Although greenhouse gas emissions may drop suddenly, the effect on temperature would take centuries to perceive because of how long carbon dioxide persists in the air.

Perhaps we are coming to the realisation that globalization allows us to share goods and diseases, however, it seems we are more worried about being wifi bored.

If there is going to be one lesson to be learned from all of this it is that inequality the virus that causes much more than the source of virus-like Cov -19 – Wars, Slums, Mass immigration, indeed you would not be wrong to blame it for most of the woes we all witness on a daily bases must be eradicated.   

As a result here we are with countries with no water to wash their hands. (With trillions poured into reducing Co2 projects involving water made up less than 1%.)

Coronavirus is exposing the fragility of social life and that fragility is not because of the pandemic but rather the inequalities built into living. 

The unfolding economic catastrophe will historically mark this different than any natural disaster or financial crash as it is falling on the poorest. 

Up to now, we have all be concerned at technologies or events that have the potential to radically alter our planet, no one was talking about a global pandemic? 

The blame game will come later.

If we continue on a path of global climate change, land-use change, resource depletion, biodiversity loss and population expansion?

There will be no blame game.

The world’s population in the Middle Ages was just a few hundred million; in 1918, it was 1.8 billion – now it is more than 7 billion. The numbers of people infected and killed could run into hundreds of millions. Industry, food production, and the trappings of our modern world economy would all suffer, but this could be to the benefit of the environment.

It used to take days, weeks, months to circumnavigate the globe. Now it takes about a day. Very few diseases show symptoms in that short period of time, so someone could be infected with a virus or bacteria, jump on a plane and infect someone else halfway across the world in a matter of days.

Wouldn’t it be great to achieve some of these desirable planetary outcomes without the horrific suffering of a global pandemic? 

If we don’t perhaps it will be no longer a human-dominated planet.

Everyone seems to have completely ignored the potential for bio-weapons that are released simultaneously in multiple parts of the world, spreading a worst-case virus quickly everywhere.

Is this possible? Of course, it is, and probably become more possible every day.

The danger of either a naturally occurring pandemic of this sort, or a human-engineered catastrophe, is not a wild scenario at all.

One way or the other it is going to take years (or months, if we’re really, really lucky) to develop, test and approve a new vaccine or treatment.

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