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Because there is no point any longer carry on claiming that we are a victim of world events…Climate change, Artificial intelligence, Capitalist greed etc. 

If Everyone’s FingerPointing, Who’s to Blame?

The answer, it seems, is someone else.

We think blaming means we get away with it.

Getaway with what?

If we stop it may become evident that this blame game is getting us nowhere and maybe, we need to look deeper at that word RESPONSIBILITY.

Could it be possible that our choices got us in the mess and our new responsible choices could get us out of the blame game forever?

The issue at hand is a vicious circle. Greed versus Common sense.

It is important that the leadership of countries are responsible for governing but does anyone remember the last time that a government actually took responsibility for their own actions?


Politicians — hostage to the tyranny of short election cycles — instead wooed voters seeking instant gratification, the protection of unsustainable entitlements, and shortcuts to continued prosperity they pander to popularism. 

Its no wonder we use blame like an auto-pilot switch?

At no point do we want to think that our choices may be contributing to what is going on in our life.

The media changed our perception of so many things preventing us from coming to a consensus not only on how to dig ourselves out of this mess but also on how to prevent it from happening again.

All that has been positive is slowly being replaced with only more negative.

And so no goes the endless, useless recriminations.

The blame game, however, is a lot more dangerous than it sounds. This never-ending cycle not only diverts responsibility but distracts from coherent responses.

That has two immediate consequences.

First, it is virtually impossible to generate a sense of shared responsibility that must underpin any sustainable, effective solution.

Second, the temptation increases for each country to turn inward, significantly raising the risk of protectionism.

As the species that have taken over the planet.

The world is looking for bold leadership, and in the absence of it, dysfunction that will make 2019 merely a flesh wound risks is becoming an ever more likely reality.

There is the possibility that our struggle to halt destructive climate change is going to make most of the people around the world very conscious of changes on the planetary level that need to be stopped, and species extinction is in that category. . . .However, unless humanity learns a great deal more about global biodiversity we will soon lose most of the species composing life on Earth.


Because we need to do one big thing that people could get together on that would solve the problem and it needs to happen politically, globally in order to fulfil this vision? 

We might have achieved many small victories in a losing war but what is immediately relevant at the present time is our collective inability to act as one. If not what we will see soon—it is on the horizon—is a second great environmental crisis, and that’s a shortage of freshwater.

It’s a shortage of fresh water that is rapidly growing, that’s causing some of the most tragic humanitarian problems . . .  and it’s going to get worse and worse.

We the grownups we have to start somewhere.

The era that we have to create ahead of us is going to have to include action and research in multiplicity.

I mean, lots and lots of people involved in order to keep the whole planet and all the plants and animals in it, in order to understand how the living world works….where life came from, where we came from, and what we need to be preserving in order to make Earth a livable, habitable place—a planet to be our home. 

Billion of us live in our technologic bubble called cities, indifference to what is taking place outside our own worlds thanks to the Smartphone. If that remains true for the next decade what is left won’t be worth saving.

Where to start?

We now face a substantial possibility of seeing a complete collapse of the ecosystem which will have an irreversible impact of human activity.

The slide toward extinction with all our efforts around the world has not slowed, nor will it in the near future. 

Like conservation efforts around the world had consisted of targeted procedures to save a species here or there or to save a habitat here or there.

Rather than point the finger of blame here a few things we could change.

Hope is after all one of the great attributes we are all ushered towards…

Profit-seeking Algorithms. Regulation

Technology leapfrogging.  Transparency.

Currency manipulator. Emerging economies gained a competitive advantage by manipulating their currencies, weakening labour standards, degrading the environment, or engaging in various forms of implicit protectionism.  Unsustainable national policies. 

Consumption.  Ban Media/TV Advertising that is promoting consumption for consumption. 

Multilateral institutions.  The UN are only as strong as our member nations let it be.  When push came to shove, these institutions shie away from their duties, hindered by widespread representation and legitimacy deficits. Remove the Veto.

Bogus blameRemove False News from Social media 

All those things together intrinsic, to human instinctive behaviour?  

They could go long way to helping us remain in the game.The End Game

Politicians, of course, will say: “It’s not our fault. They are right as to do not hold them to account. 

Education. Stop educating for the market place. Children have to take out of the classroom and learn where fresh air, fresh water, fresh vegetables, fresh everything comes from. To learn true human instinct are not a Tweet, a Like, a Smartphone, a Virtual game.

And trust me — no one will want to take the blame for that tragedy.

Our evolution now is a competition, greed against all of us. 

Everyone can get it eventually, if they just think.

 All human comments appreciated. All like clicks and abuse chucked in the bin.