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In a few days, we enter a new year but not a new beginning as all of us began with Adam and Eve.

SOME TIME AGO I WROTE A POST: Adam and Eve were black. They lived in Africa but never meet each other.

Good and evil existing in every single human being and despite their extreme differences, one couldn’t exist without the other.

In this follow up post I will once again ENDEAVOUR TO STEER CLEAR of the Bible’s account of humanity which is, in fact, both frustrating and ambiguous because of the truth of human nature in and of itself are the acceptance of the impossibility of separating good from evil, two powerful entities that live inside us all.

So there was Adam one and Adam two,  Eve one and Eve two.

Adam One wants to be famous, rich, and win it all for himself and aggressively pursues that goal by calculating survival.

Adam Two seeks internal satisfaction and stability for himself and humbly offers healing and service to others.

Eve One also wants to be famous, rich and to be there for our children. Security.

Eve Two also seeks to attract love, a relationship, to be a mother.

Both care about themself first and both will kill to survive, which is the tension of One and Two that never goes away.

Adam I’s desires are infinite and always leap out ahead of whatever has just been achieved.

Only Adam II can experience deep satisfaction.

Throughout our lives, we’ve all done irrational, incoherent things and acted in totally unexpected ways. There’s a nature within us that, on occasions, pushes us to act or think against the norms.

Homo erectus was a very successful early human, spreading across the ancient world and surviving Earth’s changing environments for nearly two million years—at least five times longer than our own species has been around.

Science has taught us that the first humans were in central Africa but does not say that the first humans were black.

They could have been black, dark, reddish, pinkish, yellowish, or whatever, but the bottom line is every ethnic group, every skin colour, started with the Black Africans, because all human beings were black clear up to 10,000 BC.

Therefore Adam and Eve were black-skinned.

Biblically, there is no evidence that they were “white”.

There is still only one race of Human beings because within Adam and Eve were all the genetic material necessary to produce the variety of humans we have today. Now we are one race with a blueprint written in a code (or language convention) which is carried on very long chemical strings of DNA.

Back to Adam and Eve.


In the first post, I said they never meet each other so they were created both Androgynous.

Since the word, Adam is not used previously in the Bible before either of them arrived there is no evidence that this word must denote a male. Indeed, the explanatory phrase, “male and female he created them,” could be read as clarifying what the nature of this Adam actually was.

“Jesus and God are the “us”.

Just as Eve was taken from Man, so Jesus was taken from God… So my thoughts are not my thoughts, nor your ways are my ways.

To this end, a number of rabbinic passages preserve what may have been a popular interpretation of this passage, which indicates that the first human actually comprised of both genders.

When one looks at humanity now if we could ever all get on the same page again there is no telling what advancements and accomplishments we could attain.

Unfortunately, men have honed and refined the practice of separation into the art of alienating, persecuting and even enslaving other men by virtue of our differences; whether they be nationality, race, gender, sexual orientation or any other excuse to ostracize someone different from themselves; sometimes even to the point of genocide.

This was and is the message that Hitler and the Nazis and all-white supremacists needed and need to hear today.

No man is better than any other man. We are all just little specks of dust.

There is no empirical evidence for the hypothesis of evolution and it has never been shown that evolution happened in any degree.

If we are prepared to dismiss the Genesis narrative, then we have the problem of deciding just when in the scriptures God begins to tell the truth.

Evolution in all aspects, including theistic evolution, is a myth.

Like today, when efforts are often made by intellectual theologians to harmonize modern science with the creation account in Genesis, the rabbis of ancient times were aware of the popular scientific philosophy of their day and integrated it – albeit in a way that also subjugated it – to fit within their broader worldview.‍

We are now on the threshold of discovering that subatomic particles can exist in two places at once. So gravity has self-awareness, in which the quantum state of one part of the system cannot be written without reference to another part of the system.

What are my circumstances calling me to do?

At what points do my talents and deep gladness meet the world’s deep need?

Happy New year.

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