THEY SAY THAT THE FIRST ATOM WAS CREATED BY THE BIG BANG.Atom Photo - Science Photography by David Nadlinger

This photograph shows a single positively-charged strontium atom (An alkaline earth metal, strontium is a soft silver-white yellowish metallic element that is highly chemically reactive) suspended in an electric field between two metal electrodes.

What is amazing here is that we’re looking at is actually the particle emitting light.

To my feeble scientific mind, an electric field is a vector field that shows the direction that a positively charged particle will move when placed in the field.

Vector fields are useful for describing things that we cannot see, such as magnetic attraction and gravity but not time.

My feeble scientific mind again.

As it is impossible to create energy out of nothing (Energy can’t be created or destroyed) it had to be present or introduced before the big bang, therefore time had to have had a power that converted into light.

But there is no evidence for or against the universe having an infinitely long past.

Unfortunately, the Big bang cannot give any direct information about the actual origins of the universe. It only supplies evidence of the start of the expansion which is still visibly in progress because of its light “signature.”

If the universe is or was expanding, then the natural conclusion is that if you were to rewind the universe, you’d see that it must have begun in a tiny, dense clump of matter. A singularity a hypothetical moment in time. 

The problem with this line of thinking however, is that the theory of general relativity can’t describe what came before the singularity, which should exist at the point in time just before the Big Bang.

So what we see as time also started with the Big bang, so there is nothing before it.

There is nothing for the big bang to grab hold of in nothing, therefore the Big Bang was nothing blowing up.Big BangWhat is Cosmology?

The quandary is:

Nothing can create Something and Something cannot turn into Nothing. 

So, the universe is just time in an amagnetic field called space, (which is an absence of mass or vacuum) but it is not static because of time.

Space can’t move with respect to time—the time is time governing all existence however there isn’t in my mind even a common time in the entire universe.

Each universe comes with its own time.

A narrative that’s recreated after the event but does not have any boundary or edge as it is incapable of going backwards.

Even space-time itself is a product of the special early stage of the universe.

The ultimate origin of the arrow of time, which is the asymmetry of the world in time, is still a bit contentious.

Is time an emergent property or a fundamental property?

Enter Quantum Mechanics.

Even if you have empty space—no matter, no light—quantum mechanics says it cannot be truly empty.

blank space

Here is a picture of time.

Holt disagreed.

“Is that really nothing?” he asked.”There’s no space and there’s no time. But what about physical laws, what about mathematical entities? What about consciousness? All the things that are non-spatial and non-temporal.

“Charles Seife, author of “Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea” (Penguin Books, 2000). He proposed starting with a set of numbers that included only the number zero, and then removing zero, leaving what’s called a null set. “It’s almost a Platonic nothing,” Seife said.

Ultimately, the definition of nothing may just be an ever-moving target, shifting with every scientific revolution as new insights show us what we thought was nothing is really something.

“Maybe nothing will never be resolved,” Tyson said.

But something is moving. “It has a topology, it has a shape, it’s a physical object.”

If there were a true “nothing”, no matter, no energy, no spacetime, then that nothing would be unstable and would begin generating matter, energy, and an expanding spacetime. This is the central thesis of books such as The Grand Design and A Universe From Nothing, which posits that the universe can be explained without reference to a supernatural creator deity.

Saying it was a god doesn’t help.

The same question exists, but now you add a whole new set about where the god came from.

The very first particles of light had to come from somewhere.

The fact is, it is not possible to know exactly what the initial light-source was. It came from in some hidden sector of the universe that we can’t see or touch.


This is where it becomes even more than wired.

What time is it?

So if the universe shouldn’t exist, why is it here?

The creation of virtual particles. These are the tiny particles that leave even physicists drooling.

In the field of quantum mechanics, all fundamental forces are carried by particles.

The universe as being filled with a quantum fluid. This fluid might be composed of gravitons—hypothetical massless particles that mediate the force of gravity.Big Bang

For instance, light is made up of massless particles called photons that carry the electromagnetic force. Likewise, the graviton is the theoretical particle that would carry the force of gravity.

And so God created the universe by creating the quantum field, therefore, atheists have merely moved the question from who created matter, to who created the quantum field?

The fact remains something can not come from nothing.Faraday's Constant

Even the subatomic particle called the Higgs boson is the product of something.

It is a superpartner particle for all the currently known particles.

They are all involved in chemical bonding which needs a motion in the form of a vibration.

Where did this vibration come from?  Time.

Within the emptiness of this vibration, over time temperatures came into existence with one vibration rubbing up against another creating an electric field, in which magnetic forces are observable. As superpartner particles destroy each other, we get packets of pure energy or particles of light known as photons. A phonon is a quantity of energy found within a vibration.

There is nothing at all strange about the reality of light existing independent of the heavenly bodies.

So, in reality, it is quite beyond Empirical Science (i.e. observable by the scientific method) to claim that they can happen without space or time.

There doesn’t have to be a reason for things existing, nor is there any need for supernatural beings of any kind, Space, matter, energy and forces behave the way they do on their own.

Or is everything happening in your head, the world around you is in your brain?

It’s based upon data created by your sensory organs but it’s still just a sensory construct in your brain and you don’t see reality as it truly is.

First, the universe had to expand and cool down sufficiently for the matter to condense out of the energy following the rule E=mc^2 while the Quantum equation predicts the universe has no beginning it existed forever.

Quantum Matmatice now seems to tell us that it is possible to exist in two places at once.

The universe finally became cool enough for true matter to form; this was when the universe also became transparent, allowing photons to travel, which is what you and I are made of today…trillions of neutrinos stream through your body at any given moment.

So God is outside of time and space, outside the universe and does not have a beginning, but we know the universe has a beginning and will have an end.

Are we look for a new messiah in technology?

Does this mean that we will know the truth for sure?

Absolutely not.

Quantum mechanics can give you the probability to go from one state to another state, in a way that involves summing over possible intermediate states.

The probability sum which tells you the odds of starting with “nothing” and arriving at “a universe like the present”, is then something like a sum over all those possible universes that start at a point and expand to become like the universe we see.

The Big Bounce.

There might never have been such a thing as nothing.

If the environment were different, the probability is that we just wouldn’t be here.

If something falls into a black hole and is eventually squeezed to a singularity, what happens to the information it contained?

Without this information, the reality you see is an illusion. Time will tell.

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